12/14/99:  Deposition of BCA Agent Peter Graber in regard to the investigation of the Meissners for bribing and/or threatening witnesses:


Q:  You testified a few moments ago that you looked into some concerns expressed about Mr. and Mrs. Meissner possibly intimidating witnesses, correct?


A: Yes, sir.


Q:  And nothing came of that investigation, there were no charges brought?


A:  Correct.


Q:  And as far as you could tell, they cooperated with you during the investigation?


A:  Absolutely.


Q:  They didn’t impede the investigation in any way, did they?


A:  No, sir, they did not.


Q:  Did you ever have any discussion about this case with Sheriff Costello of Clay County?


A:  Sheriff Costello was – had an interest in it, and I know that Detective Green was talking to him on a regular basis … The alleged witness tampering … he’s the one that said we should look into it.