9/27/99:  Deposition of Det. Bryan Green, in regard to Chief Hanson’s endorsement of Green’s enlisting Shawn Padden as a confidential informant:


Q:  Did Chief Hanson know you were going to have the meeting with (Padden) at that time?


A:  Yeah …..


Q:  How did you know Shawn Patton?


A:  Hanson … had been up to his apartment and found a marijuana plant growing in his apartment, and Mark kept it.  And he wanted me to talk to him (Padden) to see if he was willing to work that off.


Q:  Mark Hanson, of course, is the police chief in Hawley?


A:  Yes …


Q:  And the reasons you got involved with Padden is because it initially came to you from Chief Hanson … ?


A:  Right….


Q:  What did you discuss with Chief Hanson?


A:  I told him I would try to sign him (Padden) up as a CI (confidential informant) and see if we can make some buys.


Q:  After you had the meeting with Padden?


A:  We (Hanson and I) kind of discussed it before.  And afterwards, yeah, I think I did, I did talk to him about what he was told.


Q:  You told him (Hanson) that Padden was willing to become a CI?


A:  Yeah.


Q:  What did Chief Hanson say about that?


A:  Fine, I think.  He didn’t say anything on the contrary that I can remember.