From transcript of private investigator, Rich Hill’s, taped interview with John Miller:


Miller:  (One) thing that I know Donny Shaw did to Rick was burn big, fat cigarette burns in his arms (about two weeks) before he died.  I’m sure he still had the scars on his arms. 


Hill:  Were you there when that happened?


Miller:  No.  I had just left.    But when Rick came over the next day he had big pits in his arms. …  It was Donn’s idea, of course.  Like, “If you can hold this, you’re a real man, Toothpick-Rick-With-No-Dick.”  Donny did it to Rick.  I know Rick wouldn’t have done it to himself. …


Hill:  Did Ricky seem any different this particular night (the night of his death) than on any other night?


Miller:  No, he sure didn’t.  That’s why I wasn’t worried about him.  If I’d felt worried about him I would have gone to Donny’s house with him and protected him from Donny.  Because that whole cigarette-burning thing – Donn just had one cigarette burn on his arm, and Rick had them all over his arms.



From transcript of private investigator, Rich Hill’s, taped interview with Donn Shaw:


Shaw:  I got cigarette burns on my arms ... I told him (Ricky), “That’s from playing chicken.”  He (Ricky) said,I want to play chicken!”  He wanted cigarette burns.  So we played a game of chicken.  The next morning I got up and he had burned himself with cigarettes all over ...  He burned the piss out of himself… I don’t know if that was to prove his manhood or because I had them.  I went, “Oh, my God!”  So he wore long sleeved shirts because he didn’t want his mom to see that.  … What you do (when you play chicken) is put your arms together and drop a cigarette between them and the first to pull away is the chicken.