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Question: In your book that kate was reading that girl April did she die in the book and on what page?? page 54 wasn't that the page kate was on?? i think if so it is a big conection like if u can see the future but dosen't know it and writte it down


Asked on Friday, January 19, 2007 at 07:06:49 PM
Reply: No, in my book "April" defended herself against the hit man and saved her own life.

My book, THE THIRD EYE, was fiction. Only occasional details about Kait's upcoming murder appeared in that book, but they were startling enough to cause me to seriously consider the possibility of precognition.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Lois,
I am so thankful that there are authors like you in this world. I am a Reading student in Delavan and my Author Focus project is about you!
I chose you because your books have hidden messages in every chapter and they are all so good! If you could do anything i would greatly appreciate it. (How i could email you or write a letter) Please don't give me a publishing office because i have sent a letter to all that i could find!

Asked on Friday, January 19, 2007 at 08:46:50 AM
Reply: Thank you for liking my books, Abby. I try not to use this message board for subjects related to my career, because that's not its purpose. I have a separate "Lois Duncan" web site that's specifically for readers of my novels. There's an e-mail link there that you can use to contact me directly with questions about my books. (I can't remember the URL right off, but you can Google it.) If you want to contact me, do it by e-mail. When you send snail mail to me c/o my publishers, it takes months to reach me, if it reaches me at all.

Answered by: Kait's Mom (Lois Duncan)
Paul Rivet
Question: Paul Rivet was older than Kait and would not of been in high school the same time as her. I thought he only knew her from working at Pier One. Are you sure your thinking of the right guy?

Asked on Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 11:04:02 PM
Reply: I'm aware of only one Paul Rivet. I never met him but my impression is that Kait knew him back when she was just starting high school. If he was older, he would have graduated ahead of her. (PS. I've now double-checked, and Paul Rivet was exactly Kait's age.)

If you have information that links any of Kait's friends, acquaintances, co-workers (you mentioned Pier One Imports), or anyone else to the circumstances surrounding her murder, please, contact us by private e-mail. Don't post it on this board.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
do you???
Question: do you still get message from her in youre dreams or do u think she have moved on?? i think the rainbow on the day of her funeral was a sign that everthings gone be okay.


Asked on Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 02:07:55 PM
Reply: I like to think that rainbow was an omen.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: I would say i'm sorry, but i'm not gonna, u hear that enough and it wont help much. i have never lost someone like that, but i was woundrig in youre book it says that kaitlin cant movw on befor the case is done and the murder taken away, does that mean kaitlyn has not foun pease yet??? i'm not done with the book but still i think i read that the friend kaitlyn was with her last day lied about something i dont know, but did you ever thougth she migth be mixsed up in this??? as i read it seemd like you had enough evidence or information to get alot of things gone over, but they ignored, when y0u find the murder(s) are u gonna writte a second book??? i read that someone ask you if you wanted to sell the book so it could be a movie, to be honest i think it'a a good choise not to is mean to take a story like that and twist it to make a movie even though i didn't know u're daugther i would still cry after reading the book and see how mean they can be and make a story on what happend to youre daugther and make fun of it, in school i gor to writte about something that inspire me i'm gone writt about the story of you and youre daugther, as i sitt and writte this i can feel the tears down my chek, i feel so bad for you that i dont dare to call your daugther kait because i think that would be mean of me because i got no rigths to call her that, i hope you find the murders soon all best wishes from the girl who you insired to help other.

Asked on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 03:57:01 PM
Reply: That's a lovely message, Marlene. Thank you. Of course, you can call her "Kait." She would like that. Originally her name was spelled "Kate," but she changed the spelling in high school because she wanted to be more exotic. In the messages I get in dreams, she spells her name "Kate." Perhaps there's some meaning in that about how she wants the family to remember her.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: I have two questions: Who is Paul Rivet and how is he involved in this and 2) Isn't the house on Sandia Heights Drive the "Destert Castle?"

Asked on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 03:52:59 PM
Reply: Paul Rivet was one of Kait's friends in high school. He is not the same "paul" who was at the crime scene. That was Paul Apodaca.

We don't know for sure where the Desert Castle was. There's been much speculation but no solid evidence.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
so sorry
Question: Question: Hi, i'm reading your book right now. so far it makes me sad and makes me think about many things that are happening in the world. In this world you cant always be happy. Im so sorry waht happened to your daughter. i hpe that one day the case is solved.


Asked on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 03:52:36 PM
Reply: Thank you.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: You have my condolences. I have 2 teen age daughters and I can't imagine losing either one of them, especially in an act of violence. My heart and prayers are with you.

On a scale of 1 to 10. Where are you in discovering who was involved or responsible for her death?

Mother of two teenaged daughters.

Asked on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 10:41:06 AM
Reply: I'm sorry, but that's an impossible question to answer.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
"One of our Own is Down"
Question: I’m a psychology student, and what you said below about cops emotional reaction to “One of our own is down!” is interesting in light of the statement by parapsychologist Dr. Roll on pg. 244 of your paperback where he talks about The Long Body. He calls it “the tribal soul” and compares it to a human body where every limb and organ and even a fingernail is so much a part of the “whole” that it can’t function on its own. The sick and dysfunctional parts of the body are compensated for by the other organs, even if those organs are destroyed in the process.

That would account for the Blue Wall of Silence, where cops don’t rat on each other no matter what horendous things fellow officers do. The dirty cops are part of their Long Body (the police department) and need to be protected. That has to be drilled into them at the police academy in some kind of brain washing thing.

Asked on Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 03:16:53 PM
Reply: That's an interesting observation.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Hello, I was wondering Have you found out any new information about your daughter's case? And if you have, is any of the the information been of any use to solving this terrible case? I am so sorry for you and your family, it is unfortiunite that the people who are supposed to "protect" and "help" the public, are such cowards. I wonder if the shoe were on the other foot, and it was their daughter, or someone they loved how hard would they fight to get to the truth, and how pissed off would they be when nobody wanted to help. Maybe if they are reading this, they should think of that. Have a good one

Asked on Monday, January 15, 2007 at 07:16:19 PM
Reply: Yes, we continue to receive new information. It comes in piecemeal, so we have to assemble it, like being handed pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. But the overall picture becomes more clear with each new piece that comes in.

Yes, members of APD do read this web site and message board. We know that for certain, because some of them contact us by private e-mail with information. Those cops ask us not to devulge their identities, and we respect that request. But we do know that there are good cops at APD, even if we can never acknowledge them.

I don't know what cops do if "the shoe is on the other foot," meaning one of their children is murdered. But I do know what happens if a fellow police officer is killed. The cry goes out -- "One of OUR OWN is DOWN!" At that point, those macho men burst into tears, even if they didn't personally know the dead officer. Everybody drops whatever they are working on and focuses all time and energy on avenging the death of "one of our own."

Answered by: Kait's Mom
why did you give up?
Question: hi im emma and im in 6th grade. i just finished your book, and i was just wondering why you gave up on kait's murder.
please get back to me.

Asked on Monday, January 15, 2007 at 12:16:23 PM
Reply: Hello, Emma. (1) You are too young to be reading that book. It's not meant for sixth graders. (2) We haven't "given up" on Kait's murder. (3) I have taken the liberty of deleting your e-mail address, because it isn't good to have it on a public message board. You never know what sort of creeps might decide to start sending you e-mail.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
sry to hear of the loss
Question: I am sry to hear of ur loss it is always hard to lose someone u truely love to someone who is not that great of a person. i understand that she had the upper had to tell i truely think she was right to do so but when u have someone u love and care for u want to look out for them and hope they get out of watever they did or r doin with a better chance of not gettin hurt by wat they did. i hope that the truth does come out and there will not be so much trouble to find out who did it and y they did it insted of them keepin it to themselves forever knowin that they killed someone who did no rong and was just tryin to save them from gettin in trouble with the law becasue they wanted them to be safe and not hurt with the law and or friends.

Asked on Monday, January 15, 2007 at 12:12:12 AM
Reply: You're right. Kait's biggest mistake was in loving somebody who wasn't worthy of her love and in compromising her own values in order to protect him. She did not want Dung to be deported

Answered by: Kait's Mom
A Teen Who Read "Who Killed My Daughter?"
Question: Lois,
I hope that I am not wasting your time, but I found "Who Killed My Daughter?" on a bookshelf in my English class and could not stop reading it. I believe this book has opened my eyes in a life changing way. When I finished the book, my mother read it, and I know she relates the connection you and your daughter had to herself and me. When do you think "The Tallykeeper" will be released? Also, are you still in touch with the psychic's who helped you with your daughter's murder? I really hope Kait's case will be solved. Thank you for writing the book, because you have given me an inspiration.

Asked on Sunday, January 14, 2007 at 02:40:44 PM
Reply: Thank you for caring and for sharing Kait's story with your mother. I have no idea when "The Tally Keeper" will be published. I haven't yet settled on a publisher, and, when I do, it will still take quite a lot of time to get the book into production.

We've stopped consulting psychics, because I think they've given us everything they can. The people who are helping us now are informants and investigators.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Kait Arquette
Question: I have been following your story ever since I first read your book. Someone in my family was murdered and the killer is still free, so I can imagine your pain. God bless you for what you are doing for your daughter. If I'm not out of line, I was wondering if I might suggest that everyone who signs this guestbook also send a brief, concise email containing the link to this site to anyone they can think of who might be able to bring this case to the attention of the American public. Additionally, I was wondering if it would be possible to permanantly post a link of Email addresses to all the governmental agencies that are responsible for investigaing obvious conspiricies like this. I truly believe if enough people are made aware of what happened to Kait, and enough public pressure is put on the authorities, they will have no choice but to do a complete and honest invesyigation of Kait's murder. God bless you and please feel free to e-mail me if there is ever anything I can do to help you. Mrs Biggs

Asked on Sunday, January 14, 2007 at 10:32:08 AM
Reply: I'm so terribly sorry about your own heartbreaking situation.

I very much like your suggestion that those who visit this message board send a link to the web site to others. While they're at it, I hope they will also send a link to the Real Crimes web site at There are enough cases there to keep investigative reporters busy for a very long time.

We've discovered through experience that sending letters or e-mail to government agencies is a lost cause. They scratch each other's backs, and nobody wants to become involved.

Wait --I'll take that back. There was one courageous public official, (sadly, now deceased), who did try to help us, as described in the following excerpt from my up-coming book, THE TALLY KEEPER:

Steve Schiff, United States Congressman from New Mexico, contacted us to suggest that we request an internal affairs investigation. I told him we had no confidence in the APD Internal Affairs Unit, since the supervisor, John B. Gallegos -- a field officer at the scene of Kait's shooting -- had been charged with burglarizing a liquor store.
"Good point," Schiff acknowledged. "Let's try to go over their heads then." He wrote a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, requesting that the Justice Department look into a possible police cover-up. The assistant attorney general of the Civil Rights Division responded that the federal five-year statute of limitations prohibited their doing that.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: I was a big fan of your books growing up, and read "Who Killed My Daughter" over 10 years ago in high school. I'm so sorry to find the case was never solved, especially in light of the suspected police corruption - I can't conceive how frustrating that must feel. My belated condolences to you and your family, and I hope you can take comfort in knowing that Kait must be happy with the effort you've made to bring her killer(s) to justice.

Asked on Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 02:47:47 PM
Reply: I believe in my heart that Kait does know that we are "keeping the faith." And will continue to do so. I've brought THE TALLY KEEPER, (the sequel to WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER?), up to date, and my challenge for 2007 is to find just the right publisher, who will give it the kind of promotion that was given the first book.

When that book comes out, I believe the case will be solved.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Desert Castle
Question: Have you ever found out what house the Desert Castle was ?

Asked on Friday, January 12, 2007 at 04:38:50 PM
Reply: We have some suspicions, but don't know for certain. There are several possible candidates, and we continue to hear from informants with knowledge about them.

One informant wrote us:

“This is in response to the psychic’s description of the house in the mountains where Kait Arquette saw a VIP buy drugs. I know all about those homes and what they are used for. A man I used to do business with in New Mexico got involved with the Colombian cartel. He purchased a number of homes, some with airstrips. That’s how the cartel laundered money. Some of those homes were mansions worth millions of dollars. Rarely did anyone live in them. Occasionally they would be used for visitors of the cartel or other drug transactions.”

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Your interview with APD isn't on record?
Question: You mean the interviw with the victim's family the night after she died isn't on record?

That's impossible.

How many times did the poice interview you?

Asked on Friday, January 12, 2007 at 03:39:16 PM
Reply: The police interviewed us only once, and that was at our insistence. The night after Kait died, we called detectives to our home to tell them what we had learned about the Vietnamese insurance fraud racket and our suspicion that Kait might have been killed because she was a threat to that group. Seven of our family members were there for that interview, as well as two close family friends.

The report of that interview is not in Kait's case file. Honest cops who look only at what's in the case file, see nothing that indicates any possibility other than "random shooting." They've been hoodwinked by their own colleagues.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Just Wondering?
Question: I was just wondering if Paul Rivet was ever questioned about his whereabouts on the night of the shooting? Wasen't he seeing Kait on the side? He seemed very interested in the case after it happend but seemed to want to stay hidden or away from all the investigation? And also wasen't he the one who sent flowers to Kait's mom when she was at a writers conference?

Asked on Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 09:30:51 PM
Reply: There's no way for us to know which of Kait's friends police interviewed. The reports of most police interviews were withheld from Kait's case file. That file doesn't even contain a report of the interview police had with US the night after Kait died.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
I'm So Sorry
Question: i just recently finished your book. And I am so sorry. Kait was lucky to have a mother like you who is so determined to avenge her. I know that this must be hard for you. You are my idol, and always will be, Lois Duncan. You must be one of the strongest and most loyal and dedicated women that I have the privilege of knowing or even hearing about. One day, this case will be solved. Until then, Keep Hope Alive. Who can live with something like that? God Bless you and your family.

- Monique

Asked on Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 04:24:02 PM
Reply: It's kind of you to say those things, but I am no different from any other mother of a murdered child. And, the truth is, it isn't "revenge" our family is after. We just want to uncover the truth. Whatever happens then is up to the courts.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: im really sorry wat happened

Asked on Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 10:17:39 AM
Reply: Thank you for caring.

Answered by: Kait's Mom

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