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So sorry about Kait
Question: In your book Who Killed My daughter you mention that Dung tries to kill himself and then you went to the hospital and tried to get some information out of him. Do you think that Dung knows something that might help you find the murder? I want to say that you are a very brave mom! Keep it up!

Asked on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 03:01:19 PM
Reply: We are certain that Dung knows what happened to Kait. Otherwise, how could he be phoning people, hysterically telling them, "Kait's dead! They killed Kait!" hours before police allegedly "woke him up" to inform him about the murder?

Our personal belief is that Dung didn't kill Kait and didn't want her killed.

But -- yes -- he does know. Somebody stuck a knife into his stomach on the date of Kait's funeral to let him know what would happen if he talked. He survived, but that did prevent him from talking.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Just wondering...
Question: Are the police still looking for Nyugan?
I happened to be reading the paper the other day and on the front page was a boy about 10 years old who resembled Nyugan and had the same last name.

Asked on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 01:57:54 AM
Reply: The police have NEVER been looking for Dung Nguyen. They have no interest in anyone other than a "random drive-by shooter."

"Nguyen" is a very common Vietnamese name. Like "smith" or "Jones." (Or like "Garcia" or "Padilla" in Albuquerque.) It's doubtful that the boy in the picture was Dung's son.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
tara calico
Question: This is in regard to Kelly's question about Tara Calico. I approached the new sheriff, Rene Rivera, in valencia county and asked him about this case. He said they know who did it, but they nee the body before arrests are made.

Asked on Monday, July 09, 2007 at 12:24:28 PM
Reply: How do they think they're going to find a body after 18 years?

Answered by: Kait's mom
Question: Is the investigation still going? Do you still have hope that you will catch who ever did this tragic thing? god bless you and your family... your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Asked on Monday, July 02, 2007 at 07:15:53 PM
Reply: If your question, "Is the investigation still going?", means are the POLICE still investigating, the answer is no. They dropped off the case in 1991, after the DA refused to prosecute the Hispanic suspects.

However, our personal investigation, with the use of private investigators, still continues. And we are open to any information that tipsters are willing to provide.

We KNOW there are people out there with bits and pieces of information that will fill in the gaps and make this picture complete. If they are willing to help us, we promise not to reveal their identities.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
A mother
Question: That case of Bucky is sad. You know I started investigating your case because I grew intrestead in it and in you. I really do care Lois. It bothers me that there is such hate in this world. To take a strangers life like its nothing, but to be a parent and be able to be given such a privledge and then harm your own child and take their life. Why???? You hear so many stories about husbands killing their wives and mothers killing their children and now weve even got people killing the mother's of their children and their unborn babies. How do people get like this? Why do they think its ok? How do they live with themselves? I visited your other website, It's so sad to know that just in ABQ, NM there's so many unsolved stories. That's just one state.

Asked on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 10:51:34 PM
Reply: I don't have answers to those questions.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Bucky Kephart ABQ Trib Article

It was almost totally by accident I was even at the c-store that day that I saw the ad for Bucky. I was thirsty from bike riding and I thought of going back to the hotel but I thought of getting a drink first. That was the only missing poster I saw of Bucky. It was handwritten and copied off in black and white. I am in shock that even if Bucky's body is ever found no one will ever be tried.

Another NM case that has haunted me was Tara Calico who disappeared in 1988 or 1989. The case went national when a picture was found in FLA of a boy and a young woman bound and gagged. I believe the girl in the pic is Tara. The boy was thought to Michael Heneley - who also went missing from NM, but his remains were found in 1990, so it is not him.

Yours truly, Kelly

Asked on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 05:43:15 PM
Reply: Tara vanished shortly before Kait was killed. Tara's mother phoned me after Kait's death, wondering if there might be a link between the two cases. We could find none.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Bucky Kephart
Question: Hi! Kelly again! Here is a link to Bucky:

He lived at 329 Texas St. SE.

Asked on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 07:58:17 PM
Reply: What a beautiful child! And what a heartbreaking story.

An additional sickening aspect of this situation is the statement that Bucky's killer can never be brought to justice (even if he confesses) because the statute of limitations has run out. Most people believe there is no statute of limitations on murder. But law enforcement in New Mexico is different from other states. Until recently NM had a 15 year statue of limitations on murder. That law was changed just before the statute ran out on Kait's case, but Bucky died eight years before Kait did, and his case didn't make it under the wire.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Lois Duncan
Question: Hello! My name is Kelly and I am 38 years old. I have loved your books since grade school and I was horrified to learn that your daughter had been murdered. I have spent many vacations in ABQ, NM. I love the people, hospitality, food, and culture! I was visiting in August 1981 when I learned of a missing child, Barry "Bucky" Kephart. I saw a poster of him on a c-store window and something in his eyes spoke to me and he was on my mind thru the years. Last year I read on that the police had determined that he was probably beaten to death by his parents then his body placed in a dumpster.
Have you heard of this case?

Asked on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 08:15:13 AM
Reply: No, I wasn't aware of that heartbreaking case. And I'm ashamed that I wasn't.

Unless something horrible happens to OUR OWN LOVED ONES, most or us skim such stories as if they were posted for entertainment, like television dramas.

You must be an extremely sensitive and compassionate person to have absorbed that tragedy and remembered it after all these years.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
I love your book!
Question: Hi Lois,

I am a lazy reader and your book is the first one that I actually finished reading without skipping any pages. I am Vietnames, and is very digusted of what my people have become. I was born and raised in Orange County and is very familiar with those address in the book. Orange County was a very dangerous place back in the late 80's and 90's. There were gangs and illegal activities everywhere. My parents were horified with all the gang activities going on there that they decided to just pick up and leave. I've had many psychic reading throughout the years by the same person in L.A. . Everything that was predicted for me has happened and it is mind blowing how accurate it was. When I read you book it seems very familiar to me because I can relate to the activities you are describing. I am sorry for what my people have shamefully done. I pray that you will have the ending soon. Orange County have a few Vietnames radio show that broadcast 24/7. Maybe you should have them read your story to the Vietnames audience. It might help. Good luck Lois.

Asked on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 04:38:00 PM

Thank you for your kind message. Since my book was published, we have heard from many fine Vietnamese people in the United States who have been so terrorized by Vietnamese gangs that they have been forced to relocate to different neighborhoods.

To quote from one of those letters:

"I am a 17-year-old girl who lives in San Diego. I am one of the Vietnamese boat people and very proud of my heritage, except I am shameful of the conduct of some of my fellow refugees. I am afraid for my life when I am in Little Saigon after dark. My mother's hairdresser was gunned down by the Vietnamese Mafia. Storekeepers close shops early for fear of being robbed and killed. The fear this community has is fear of retaliation. It's a catch 22 -- tell and hope that justice will prevail -- don't tell and keep your family alive."

We would welcome information about the situation in Albuquerque that nurtures Vietnamese gang activity. A member of APD (one of the many good cops who have secretly been trying to help us) told us the V/N power and protection come from Catholic Social Services, who have made Albuquerque a "dumping ground" for Vietnamese immigrants at the request/control of the US GVT. He also mentioned a religious/ paramilitary group that meets at a building on the corner of Virginia SE and Trumble.


Although we know from private e-mail from Vietnamese people in Albq. that Asian gang activity in the Southeast area of Albq. is deadly and on-going, those criminals seem immune to arrest.

I BEG YOU ALL, PLEASE, to go to the web site at and read about the "Nathan Romero" homicide case in Albuquerque. The case detective on Nathan's case was Det. Steve Gallegos, the same detective who was lead detective in Kait's case. Gallegos quit the homicide department after having to deal with Nathan's case on top of Kait's case.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: I need To contact Robert Petro -I am a journalist and need help on a high profile case in England -please can you email me

Asked on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 at 03:02:17 PM
Reply: We have not been in touch with Robert Petro for many years. We were impressed by the accuracy of his readings about Kait's case, but have not gone beyond that.

When we first had contact, he was in New Mexico. Then he moved to Arizona. The last we heard, he was in Florida.

The only advice I can offer is to Google him.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
A mother
Question: Did you ever find out how he was scared off or by who? Has he said anything else to you about what happened?

Asked on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 at 01:27:27 PM
Reply: No. He just insisted it was a car jacking and broke off contact with us.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
A mother
Question: What happened to Roy Nolan????

Asked on Monday, June 18, 2007 at 11:43:05 PM
Reply: Roy Nolan got scared off the case.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Do you still live in Albequerque? If not where?

Asked on Monday, June 18, 2007 at 05:58:27 PM
Reply: We left Albuquerque after WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER? was published and moved to the East Coast.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Hi Lois! You mat know me I've written to you a lot today but I love writting and being written to. Anyway, do you believe that Dung killed Kait? If you don't do you suspect anyone of killing her?
Love, Tess
Please if you could keep in touch with me!!:-)

Asked on Monday, June 18, 2007 at 05:53:53 PM
Reply: No, I don't think Dung killed Kait. But I'm sure he was there when it happened. Otherwise he would not have been phoning people to tell them, "Kait's dead! They shot Kait!" three hours before police "woke him up" to inform him.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: You know I do believe you as a very strong person and I thank you for teaching me how to handle death well. It must have been the hardest thing to take your own 18 year old daughter's death. That would have been so hard to get through. Do you believe that Kait was and is reincarnated? If so do you believe that she will die similarly to how Kait died? If you do believe in reincarnation what is your view on it? I'm not sure if I do believe in reincarnation because I have lots of different thoughts about it. Wouldn't you want your own soul to be it's self, rather than many other people's. That is what I don't understand.
Tess age 12
Thank you so much, you are a great listener!!!:-)

Asked on Monday, June 18, 2007 at 12:08:56 PM
Reply: Hello, Tess,

I appreciate your thoughtful questions, but I'm not in a position to answer them. Since Kait's death, I've speculated a lot about "what comes next," and I've formed some personal beliefs, but there's no way to know if I'm right. Each of us must seek our own answers in regard to the mysteries of life and death, and for you to have "lots of thoughts" on those subjects at twelve-years-old is wonderful.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Who Killed my Daughter?
Question: I loved your book, and I'm so sorry what happened to her. Are you still close to Dung now even if he was the most suspected killer in the case?

Asked on Monday, June 18, 2007 at 11:59:14 AM
Reply: We haven't seen or heard from Dung since November 1989, when I called him at work to ask him to come pick up some of his possessions that were stored in our garage. His boss at Artwear, Roxanne Cecchini, drove him over to get them.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
in reference to a political figure
Question: Mrs. Arquette,
I am 32 yr. old woman that has, since I can remember, have been heavily envolved in NM politics. A former employee working next to a past Govorner. If it's not asking too much, could you E-mail me in Kaitlynn's concern. I don't know if anything I have to say would even be of any importance to you, although I feel is though your daughter would like me to inform you of my thoughts.
Respectfully, Thank-You

Asked on Sunday, June 17, 2007 at 05:29:46 PM
Reply: Thank you for this post. And for caring about us and about Kait.

Not knowing who you are or how to contact you, (please, don't post contact information here, for the sake of your own safety), I don't know how to reach you. But I'm very interested in what you may have to tell me.

Please, send me a personal e-mail at

Answered by: Kait's mom
A Dozen Years
Question: Since the first time I met you, the day that you spoke for a few hundred insurance fraud investigators and stunned them into a deafening silence, you've been my personal hero. I've told you that often, but I'd like to write it here for the world to read.

Also, since I first covered Kait's case in The John Cooke Fraud Report, her story has been in my heart. In fact, in all these years of publishing, that article is also among those most remembered by our readers, and just this past week, at a fraud conference, the case came up once again. The investigative community has not forgotten. You have thousands of open ears out there, still alive with hope that one day you'll get your answers.

May I have your permission to link to your site from It's our newest JCFR endeavor, a public education foundation to help people recognize things before they become victims. We've already reached Page One on Google under a serach of "fight fraud," so it may indeed help. I can only hope.

Leslie Kim

Asked on Saturday, June 16, 2007 at 10:20:47 AM
Reply: Indeed, you do have our permission to link Kait's site to your Fraud Site. And our deepest thanks to you and your colleagues for your on-going support, year after year after year.

The event Leslie Kim is referring to was the annual seminar of the Texas International Association of Special Investigation Units in Austin, TX, in 1995. I was imported at the last minute as a replacement for the dinner speaker, who cancelled out. It was an intimidating experience to speak at such a gathering -- especially when I learned that the speaker I was there to replace was Texas Governor George W. Bush.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Could you tell us which parts of "Who killed my daughter" turned out to be significant? I keep re-reading the book and enjoy it every time. I also got your new book from Amazon and it is wonderful. Like the person in the last message said, you laugh and cry and you feel like you know you.

Asked on Thursday, June 14, 2007 at 04:10:08 PM
Reply: One example:

Pg. 40 of paperback: "The Albuquerque police were represented by six motorcycle officers, more than the usual escort complement. 'It is important that we come out and show that we do care,' said traffic Sgt. John B. Gallegos." (This is John, not to be confused with the case detective, Steve Gallegos.)

Why did John Gallegos think it was so important to convince the public that police "DO care" about this one particular murder victim?

Who was this John B. Gallegos? Was he in some way connected to the investigation of Kait's case? If so, why, if he was just a traffic officer?

When examining police reports, we discovered that John G. was already at the scene when the Criminalistics Unit arrived and "assisted with the scene investigation." He was the one who defined the crime scene to Criminalistics, who arrived there late, having been to another crime scene first. John G. told Criminalistics about the location of the "pile of broken glass" that was used to determine the spot where Kait was shot. (The Criminalistics team didn't see any broken glass. That's why it was never photographed. They just took John G's word for its existence, and therefore it was assumed that Kait was shot while driving and not by someone who approached her car on foot after it was rammed from behind, went out of control and hit a post.)

John B. Gallegos's name was withheld from the list of officers at the scene. Why?

He later was arrested for robbing a liquor store while on duty.

A year after that he got fired from APD.

So, how much credence can we give the scene reports, with a man like that responsible for influencing the content? What was he DOING THERE in the first place?

This raises a lot of questions that had not occurred to us when I wrote that book.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Seasons of the Heart
Question: I got your new book from Amazon and laughed and cried all thru it. After reading that I feel like I'm a part of your family. That last picture of you alone on the beach made me cry.

Asked on Thursday, June 14, 2007 at 03:42:45 PM
Reply: I'm not a spring chicken anymore, as that photo clearly showed. Aging is a fact of life. It's not pleasant, but the alternative is worse. I wish Kait had been given that opportunity.

Thank you for reading that book and relating to our family.

Answered by: Kait's Mom

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