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Question: How has you're life changed since Kait died?
What have you done differentlysince then and what have you done the same?

Asked on Monday, August 06, 2007 at 10:57:03 AM
Reply: EVERYTHING changed.

My husband took early retirement and we left New Mexico for fear of retaliation after my book came out. I stopped writing young adult suspense novels, because I could not create a fictional mystery about a girl in a life threatening situation when our own true mystery was all I could focus on. Everyone in the family developed stress induced health problems. My husband and I created the Real Crimes web site to help other families of murder victims whose cases were not properly investigated get exposure for their cases. And much more.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Betty pt 2
Question: In what way do you believe Kaitlyn moved on?

Asked on Monday, August 06, 2007 at 10:32:32 AM
Reply: It's just a personal feeling. Until after WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER? was published, I had a strong sense of Kait's spiritual presence right beside me, and she "spoke to me" in dreams that were so vivid that I considered them visitations.

Once the book came out, that sense of her presence vanished and my dreams became ordinary dreams. I experienced the distinct feeling that her job on this earth plane was completed and she had moved on to whatever comes next.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
About Kait ♥
Question: I'm a new reader and a big fan, but do you believe that Kaitlyn went to heaven? Well I know that you and your family are still greeving over the loss of your daughter so I will pray for you!! óż you can never loose someone until you lost them!!

Asked on Sunday, August 05, 2007 at 07:16:57 PM
Reply: I'm not comfortable responding to questions about religion, because my personal beliefs are no more likely to be right than anyone else's.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Okay so I've been reading your questions and who is Damon Faye?

Asked on Sunday, August 05, 2007 at 04:10:17 PM
Reply: He was one of the detectives in the APD homicide department at the time of the investigation of Kait's homicide. I think he may now be retired.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Betty the physic
Question: Hello LD I read your book and really enjoyed it but I was wondering if you still keep in touch with Betty Muenich? the physic. If so do you still try to talk to Kaitlyn?

Asked on Saturday, August 04, 2007 at 09:03:59 PM
Reply: We keep in occasional touch with Betty as a friend, but we are no longer seeking information from psychics. We learned a lot that way but feel that Kait has now moved on.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Damon Faye
Question: Will Damon Faye be identified by name in the Talley Keeper even though he wasn't in Who Killed My Daughter?

Asked on Wednesday, August 01, 2007 at 07:13:30 AM
Reply: Many people will be referred to by name in The Tally Keeper, who were not named in the first book. But I will not identify those people who have provided us with confidential information.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Kaits heart and lungs
Question: I just got your new book Seasons of the Heart from and that thing about her heart and lungs blew me away. Is the organ recipient still alive and does he still have those memories?

Asked on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 01:13:04 PM
Reply: I'm sorry to report that the organ recipient eventually died of cancer. But Kait's heart and lungs provided him with five more years of productive life than he would have had otherwise.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
The Tallykeeper
Question: Ms. Duncan, do you have any idea when The Tallykeeper will be done? I am very anxious to read it.

Asked on Monday, July 30, 2007 at 07:21:54 PM
Reply: I keep adding more to it as more events take place and more information comes in. Each time I think it's finished, something new happens, and I need to go back and add that to the manuscript.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Ok, I was wondering why in your book is there no refrence to Damon Faye?

Asked on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 04:31:46 PM
Reply: I never referred to Damon Fay in WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER because we never had any contact with him.

On pg. 74 of the paperback edition, I quote our oldest daughter Robin as saying, "I talked with my friend Maritza yesterday. One of the homicide detectives is a longtime buddy of hers, and he told her there just no way Kait's shooting was 'random.' He said it has the earmarks of a professional hit."

I didn't identify that detective by name in my book, because I didn't know who he was.

Then, after my book was published, I was contacted by several mothers of other young people murdered in Albuquerque, telling me how Det. Damon Fay kept telling them that they were "just like that crazy Arquette woman" because they were questioning the police investigation. I still didn't link him to Kait's case -- just thought he was someone who had been misled by his colleagues and was quoting people involved in the cover-up.

Then, several years later, Robin regained touch with her friend, Maritza, who had married and moved out of state, and gave me Maritza's new e-mail address. I wrote to Maritza and asked her who the detective was who had told her Kait was the victim of a "professional hit."

She told me his name was "Damon Fay" and "I specifically remember him saying that the location of one of the bullets in the car indicated that the shooting was not random. That the shot had to be aimed at a target. I also recall that this bullet was found later, not during the inital investigation."

That bullet must have been fund during the second-day work-up that everyone except the Criminalistics Dept. denies took place. The Criminalistics Supervisor, (no longer with APD), told our PI that reports of that work-up were sent to the case detectives and the APD records department. Those have mysteriously vanished. And the photos from the second-day work-up have vanished from the APD photo lab.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Hello Arquettes!! Hope you all are doing well. I am currently reading your book (again) and again, I can't seem to put it down. Every time I read it, I find something I had missed before. Anyhow, I was wondering if Mike from the Journal is still helping with your case? I am a resident of Albuquerque, and I am appaled at the lack of intrest this police dept. has taken on your behalf. I have two sons, although they are young, I cannot immagine loosing either one of them. After all of these years, have any of the police come forward to speak with your family reguarding Kait's case, and have any of them had any useful information that could help resolve this case?. I had read your book probbably about 10 years ago for the first time, and I've always thought that the hit against your daughter in someway involved the police. Although I had never considered that the acutual person that shot her, had been a cop, now it does seem probable. Although I have no information to help you, you and your family are in my prayers, and have passed on your book to a number of friends that are just as shocked of many of us on this site. Do you ever return to Albuquerque? Oh one more thing before I close, Has anything come up reguarding Manny Aaragons involvement in this case since he was charged earlier this year?

Asked on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 04:11:18 PM
Reply: So many good questions! I'll take them in order:

Mike Gallagher at the Albuquerque Journal remains a friend and supporter. But he is allowed to write only about subjects his editor assigns.

Joline Gutierrez Krueger at the Albuquerque Tribune is allowed much more freedom and she has kept Kait's case alive in Albq.

As for the police -- they want nothing to do with us. When an honest and dedicated former-cop, Don Roberts, was recruited as a member of APD's new Cold Case Squad and was quoted by a reporter as wanting to reopen Kait's case and work with our private investigator to use her new information to help solve it, he was transferred out of the Cold Case Squad. His loss was a terrible blow to us.

Manny Aragon has never been officially linked to any homicide case.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Why is justice on the west coast so slack?
Question: I would like to know why justice west of the Mississippi River is so much more slack than on the east coast? Think about Kaitlyn, JonBenet Ramsey,
Nicole Simpson, and Dominique Dunne's daughter. What is wrong with justice? Are investigators totally naive? I would be so mad and worried if I lived in these communities.
Crime is rampant in places like Seattle. Please respond if you think I am off base in these ideas.

Asked on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 09:50:08 AM
Reply: I don't know that it's really more rampant in the western part of our country. There's a lot of police corruption in the east as well. It's true that, we, personally, have been contacted about more such cases in the West, but that could be only because Kait's murder occurred in New Mexico and the families of the victims in the Southwest are the ones who see us as possible advocates.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Haunting Evidence...again!
Question: I was reading up on the show, and came across this on the Carla Baron message board:

"Here is the official announcement on case submission guidelines for possible inclusion on Court TV's "Haunting Evidence":

Submit your case files directly to producer, Tim Robbins, of Departure Films -

(PLEASE - submissions should only be made by immediate family, and/or law enforcement directly assigned to each investigation.)

This is the proper way for the cases to be considered since Carla has no authoritative say in the selection process for cases profiled on future episodes of "Haunting Evidence."

This is the direct responsibility of the show's producers and the production executives @ Court TV."

So there's a second way to submit a request. I would think this would be a particularly interesting case, given the apparent APD involvement/coverup aspect. I have seen Court TV cover cases of bad cops before.

Good luck!

Asked on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 08:08:18 AM
Reply: I'm so glad you posted that. Because, although "Haunting Evidence" is probably not right for Kait's case, it could be a Godsend for other cases. We're in contact with many other families of murdered children and will share that information with them.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Haunting Evidence?
Question: Several months ago, I posted here about a new show on Court TV called Haunting Evidence. I just wondered if you ever checked into having them look at this case. At the time the show was brand new, but there is now a link on the website for contacting them.

Apologies for the length of the link. If I knew how to do a tinyurl, I would.

Kait's death haunts me. I was still in ABQ when it happened, and although I moved away about six months later, I have never forgotten it. Blessings to you and your family in your search.

Asked on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 07:32:09 AM
Reply: Thank you for providing the link. I visited the Web site, but we don't have the right case for that kind of show. They want cases that other psychic detectives haven't worked on, and we've already used some of the best psychic detectives in the nation. Also, Kait's case has been featured on SIGHTINGS, which thoroughly covered the psychic angle, so their coverage would be redundant.

But, most important, psychic information is only of value if the case investigators take it seriously and follow up on the psychic tips. APD won't even accept physical evidence like the damaged bumper indicating the PIT maneuver was used on Kait's car.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
martha moxley
Question: do you know the story of Martha Moxley? she was killed in 1975. Skakel did get sentenced in 2002 so in other words justice can still happen. you as a writer i am sure knows mark fuhrman. Fuhrman got involved with the moxley investigation and it was solved. do you think you could get in touch with him?

Asked on Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 06:21:36 PM
Reply: Mark Fuhrman is in great demand, overloaded with projects, and has proved impossible to reach.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
I'ts 2007
Question: Hello. i was wondering if there has been anything happen with this case? It's 2007 now. I just read the book today and I want justice for this woman. I do understand how a loved one can be taken away and no one pay for the crime

Asked on Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 06:10:22 PM
Reply: Yes, it's now 2007. Yet the very same people who knew who killed Kait back in 1989 STILL KNOW IT!!! And, by this time, additional people are bound to know it, because guilty people talk. They get drunk and talk to bartenders. They confide in their girlfriends, and later break up with those girlfriends. Honest cops, who were restricted by the Blue Code of Silence while they were on the force, retire and feel free to do what their consciences tell them is right.

Every morning when I pull up my e-mail my heart beats faster because THE ANSWER MAY BE THERE.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: im 12 and i wrote a report on the book by option.thank you for writing this book.when i get older i want to work for the homicide detectives.and i hope to find out who killed your daughter.please write name is katelyn

Asked on Monday, July 23, 2007 at 04:12:33 PM
Reply: Hello, Katelyn, (one of my favorite names, of course). It would be wonderful if police departments were filled with grown-up versions of you!

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Remembering Kait
Question: I read your book about your daughter when I was 19. I am now 25 and I still have not forgotten about your daughter to this day. I am truly sorry for your loss. I don't think I will ever forget about Kait. I never knew her yet I feel like I have lossed a friend. I will always keep your family and Kait in my prayers and that one day there will be answers to the questions that so need to be answered.

Lesley Ann

Asked on Monday, July 23, 2007 at 04:03:07 PM
Reply: Thank you. I sometimes feel that Kait has acquired more friends since her death than she had when she was on this earth plane.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
time - noon?
Question: Lois, you responded below,

"It occurred between the time she left our house at about noon and the point when she was killed."

and I was a bit confused because I remember you said she left your house at about 6:15 (you said in the book "60 Minutes" was on - Sharon was trying to say something different) and that was the last time you saw her.

When she left at noon, was that after she had stopped over in the morning and was at the kitchen table when you came downstairs? (going by what you said in previous posts; please correct & forgive me if I'm wrong on this.)

So she had been in and out of the house that day, right? I'm just trying to put together her steps on her final day.

As always, best to you & the family. Will be sending email regarding other topics.


Asked on Sunday, July 22, 2007 at 07:42:22 PM
Reply: On July 16, 1989, (a Sunday, so my husband and I slept later than usual), we got up to find Kait sitting at our kitchen table. She looked like she had been crying. She said she was angry with Dung and didn't want to be in the apartment.

She hung around our house all morning. Around noon, she asked me if I wanted to go to a movie with her. We consulted the ads in the paper, and there wasn't any movie I wanted to see. So she left.

During the morning, her car was parked in our driveway. My husband's pick-up truck was parked next to it, and he was working on his truck. If there had been damage to Kait's car, he would have seen it.

At about 5 p.m. Kait phoned me from her apartment. She was there alone, changing her clothes to go to Sharon's. At 6 p.m., Kait stopped back by our house, allegedly on her way to Sharon's. At that time we were inside the house and did not see her car. So it's not impossible that the rear-end damage might have occurred during the afternoon. However, it's very unlikely. The car was registered in our name. If somebody had rear-ended it, Kait would have told us, since we would be the ones to file for the insurance.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Hello Mrs. Arquette, I am so sorry about your family's loss. I am re-reading your book for the millonth time, and I am on chapter 5. I was wondering after all of these years, how does your son Brett feel about Dung, considering in the beginning, he was defending him. Also, has anything new come out of Kait's case, are you any closer to finding answers for your daughter? And how is your sequal to this story comming? Any closer to having it published, I can't wait to read all of the new info you have stumbled upon. Maybe with this new book comming out, it will give someone the courrage to come forward and talk. Hope you and your family are well. Take Care

Asked on Saturday, July 21, 2007 at 09:37:21 PM
Reply: Brett has definitely changed his mind about Dung. I, too, hope the book will help.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
PIT maneuver
Question: That's what it sounded like to me when I read about the rear-end damage. I watch cop shows like "World's Wildest Police Videos" and that's one of their maneuvers.

Asked on Friday, July 20, 2007 at 08:22:59 PM
Reply: It is not a maneuver drunks could or would use during a 'random drive-by shooting." Once Kait's car ended up in the other lane, up against a pole, the killer would have had to get out of his own car and approach her car on foot in order to fire through the driver's window.

Answered by: Kait's Mom

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