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Question: Hello, I was wondering if since the "Tally Keeper" , is kind of finished if you will be posting any new excerpts from it on to this message board, and if so, maybe when? Thank you, and God Bless you and your family

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 08:17:16 PM
Reply: I have no immediate plans to post more excerpts from THE TALLY KEEPER. I think we've posted enough to give people an idea of what it will be like.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
me again
Question: I didn't mean fun facts about the case, I just ment about the family like your dogs name, or other pets, or a certian kind of food you eat every friday, or about what kept you going during the case (and now), or somthing along those lines. Thank you for answering my friends and my questions. Best of luck.

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 05:27:50 PM
Reply: What's kept me going through all these years of personal investigation is grief and anger, the emotional support of my family, the tireless efforts of outside investigators who volunteered to help us, and the horrified realization that there are thousands of other families in our same situation. We created the Real Cimes web site to help those other families get their own cases out of the closet and into the public eye.

I don't have any pets, although when our children were at home we had cats, hamsters, birds and fish.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Need your help
Question: I'm sorry that you have lost your child and your can't find the killer, I know how devistated my mom would be if she lost one of us. I'm reading your book along with a friend and we were wondering if you had any fun facts we could share with the class, about you or your family, for our report on your book, "Who Killed My Daughter?" We hope you are doing better with all that has happened and hope you fing out who killed your daughter!

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 10:51:36 AM
Reply: Thank you for reading the book and for caring about Kait, but I'm afraid there aren't any "fun facts" connected to this case.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Can you help us
Question: Hello, my friend and i are currently reading your book,"Who killed my daughter?" and are very amazed that you would have so many guts, to stand up and fight against everyone who just calls your daughter's murder a random shooting as if it weren't even a crime commited. we admire your persistence and loyalty to your daughter, and we were wondering if you had any special information, or pictures that you could put in your reply for us regarding you and your daughter. We will be doing a class project on your book, and would be thrilled if we could have something special from you. Please consider us, and best of luck.

Best of luck,
two curious students

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 10:51:26 AM
Reply: If you contact me by private e-mail at, I can send you some photos as e-mail attachments. Otherwise, you can copy the ones on this web site. There are several photos of the crime scene if you go to that link.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
i am sorry
Question: mrs. arquette i am sorry for the loss of your daughter. i am reading your book for english and i love it. i have a question for you do you really belive in all that pyhcic stuff and who do you think killed your daughter. again i am terribly sorry for your loss.

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 10:20:36 AM
Reply: As I said below, our own experience with psychic detectives has led our family to believe that certain people are gifted in that way. But that doesn't mean they're infallible. Even the best psychics are sometimes totally off the mark -- they get impressions, but they don't know how to interpret them.

And many people who claim to be psychics are total fakes.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: well i just wanted to tell you im very sorry for what has happened to you. But i just wanted to know if yall got any new leads on who has killed your daughter?

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 10:17:58 AM
Reply: One recent lead is the one about the smuggling of drugs from the Orient through packages delivered by UPS to Pier One Imports.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Mrs. Arquette I am terribly sorry for your loss. I am reading your book for english class and it is a wonderful book. I have even cried on some parts. I wish you the best in trying to find your daughters killer. I just have one question to ask you, who do you suspect of killing her? Again I am so so sorry and I wish you the best.

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 09:56:41 AM
Reply: Thank you for caring so deeply.

My personal belief is that she was killed by a hired hitman.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
sphycic abilities
Question: I have never realy believed in all that sphycic stuff, but do you really believe she was telling what she saw and did you really feal your doughters presence in you room when you got to hug her

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 09:54:05 AM
Reply: I never used to believe in "psychic stuff" either. But, I feel differently now. Although I'm sure there are many fake psychics out there, ripping off gullible people, I think the psychics we had personal contact with were amazingly gifted and much of the information they gave us has proved accurate.

Yes, to your last question.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Im sorry
Question: Im sorry for what happend. I am reading your book for language class and it just touched my heart. So much that i cried...It must be heart breaking to lose your daughter...I know that if i had any information of what happend i would definitly tell you. Just answer me one question....Why do you think she was murdered?

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 09:50:57 AM
Reply: I think she was killed because she was a potential whistle-blower and was a threat to some criminal activity that she had learned about through her boyfriend. If you click on "Motives" and follow the links, you'll see that there were several possibilities.

Answered by: Kait Mom
Question: did you ever think someone you knew might have killed kait

Asked on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 09:48:41 AM
Reply: Only if that person happened to be one of the Vietnamese group that Kait's boyfriend was part of. We did know some of them, though not very well.

It's possible, of course, that she was killed by someone SHE knew, whom we didn't know. But my personal belief is that she was shot by a hired hitman.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Have you tried contacting Dung or wanting to find out what happened to him since?

Asked on Saturday, March 03, 2007 at 10:07:20 PM
Reply: We kept track of him for a while, and he and his girlfriend eventually moved into a house together in the Albuquerque area. When we decided to offer a $25,000 reward for new information leading to the arrest and conviction of Kait's killers, we included them, along with hundreds of other people,in a mailing to announce that offer. His girlfriend reacted by calling the police to accuse us of harassment. I've been told they later split up, but don't know if that's true.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Googling Damon Fay
Question: If you google Damon Fay he plays a part in a lot of cases where the mother is questioning the circumstances of her child's murder.

Also on the Real Crimes site, in the story about the Stephen Haar murder, when police refused to charge the admitted killer, Travis Dally, because he said he shot Stephen in self defense, Mrs. Haar says: "I met with people from the Office of the Medical Examiner and they seemed surprised at the self-defense statements. They said one of the wounds indicated that Stephen was shot by somebody standing over him when he was already down. I took that information to APD homicide detective Damon Fay and asked him, "If Travis shot Stephen once, and if he was down, why did Travis shoot him again?" His response was, "Well, Travis had to get out the door." Stephen was lying there, bleeding to death, and Travis had to get out the door? Stephen was in the way, so it's okay to shoot him twice? That's not self-defense!"

Asked on Saturday, March 03, 2007 at 01:59:31 PM
Reply: The Stephen Haar case is another with a bizarre link to Kait's case. At the time that Stephen was murdered, he was living in an apartment connected to the home of the witness who reported seeing Kait followed from her apartment by a VW bug.

Stephen had also attempted to contact our private investigator shortly before his death. She came home to find his number on her Caller ID. However, he had not left a message.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
more on Damon Fay
Question: Damon Fay is mentioned on the Real Crimes web site at, per the Melanie McCracken case. Melanie's mother, Nancy Grice, was questioning the fact that the NM State Police said Melanie died from a car wreck and Melanie's husband, NMState Police Sgt. Mark McCracken said Melanie died of leukemia. (It turned out neither statement was true.)

Mrs. Grice says: "I even received a call at work from APD homicide detective Damon Fay, who threatened to have me arrested for obstructing justice if I continued to question the circumstances of Melanie's death and "interfere with an on-going investigation." He told me that he certainly knew where to find me, implying that he would have me arrested at work and dragged off in handcuffs. (I'm a registered nurse and at that time was nurse supervisor at Carrie Tingly, a special needs children's hospital in Albuquerque.)"

What gave Det. Fay the right to threaten Mrs. Grice? APD wasn't even the investigating agency.

Asked on Saturday, March 03, 2007 at 01:51:54 PM
Reply: Ironically, Melanie McCracken's mother, Nancy Grice, was head nurse on the ward when Kait died. Six years later she contacted me to say, "Guess what? It's MY daughter who's been murdered now!"

The New Mexico State Police was the investigating agency. The chief of the Office of the Medical Investigator suggested that an outside law enforcement agency handle the case because the suspect, Mark McCracken, was a ranking State Police Officer. Darren White, DPS Cabinet Secretary, denied that request on the grounds that there was "no conflict of interest." Nancy was contesting that decision at the time she says she was contacted by APD Det. Damon Fay.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Freedom of Information Act
Question: You may have already addressed this before, but would it benefit you to have access to Kait's entire case file? I have been rereading John Walsh's "Tears of Rage" and in the book he tells how several newspapers fought to have his son Adam's file released to them under the FOIA. Walsh was totally against this because he thought there was still a chance that the murderer would be caught and prosecuted, and he felt the chances of that happening would be ruined if the details of the case were made public. Walsh fought, and lost, the battle to keep the case file private. He and his wife learned many many things that the PD kept from them and were shocked by some of what they read. Could doing this help Kaits case? Or maybe it has already been done. Any thoughts? Mrs Biggs

Asked on Saturday, March 03, 2007 at 06:18:37 AM
Reply: It would definitely be helpful to us to have a copy of the entire case file, but I can see no chance of our getting that.

After the arrest of the Hispanic suspects in January 1990, when Kait's case went to discovery, Kait's early case file became public record. That's when we obtained a copy of it and discovered how much information had been purged from it or altered.

Then, charges were dropped against the Hispanc suspects. The information that APD has received since then is not public record. An attorney acquired copies of some of the scene photos, (it took him literally years to get those), but photos taken at the second-day work-up are still being withheld from us.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Det. Damon Fay
Question: The statement you refer to is on pg. 74 of the paperback of who Killed My Daughter:

Robin said, "I talked to my friend Maaritza yesterday. One of the homicide detectives is a longtime buddy of hers and he told her there's just no way Kait's shooting was random He said it has the earmarks of a professional hit."

Asked on Saturday, March 03, 2007 at 06:06:30 AM
Reply: We didn't know the identity of that detective at the time. Later, I contacted Maritza, and she told me it was Damon Fay.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
APD and Dung
Question: "We've taken this to everybody, all the way up the ladder. We've been told at every level that APD "owns" Kait's case, and no one can go over their heads. No one has the authority to "butt in" and question the actions of a different investigative agency."

Is the case still opened? If they closed the case can they still really "own" it?

Do you still keep contact with Dung or know what happened to him since then?

Asked on Friday, March 02, 2007 at 08:14:12 PM
Reply: Kait's case is "open" or "closed," depending upon the circumstances. If we ask for an updated copy of the case file, we can't have it because the case is "open." But the police will not investigate any of the information on this web site, because they "solved' the case by arresting the Hispanic suspects and, therefore, the case is "closed."

Either way, they "own" it.

We have had no contact with dung since Nov. 1989, when he came over to our house to pick up some of his possessions that were stored in our garage. When my book came out, he left town and went to Oregon. After the dust settled, he returned, bringing with him a new girlfriend who, people tell us, looked very much like Kait. I don't know where he is now.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
former homicide detective Damen Faye
Question: I know someone who knows him well, and when I told that person that I was keeping up with this cold case, that person told me that Detective Faye had referred to Ms. Duncan as that "crazy lady" going around accusing credible police officers of being corrupt."

After reading all the history of this case, not only are the APD officers corrupt but so are the political figures that are involved.

Ever since certain legislators have retired from the legislature, they have tried keeping a low profile. Except, one of them now is caught up in some Federal investigation involving a kickback scheme in re: to the new court houses that were built in downtown Albuquerque. U.S. Attorney, Iglesias
is being dethrowned and summoned by Congress to testify about the goings on here in this illustrious city.

Asked on Friday, March 02, 2007 at 02:00:16 PM
Reply: Damon Fay talks out of two sides of his mouth.

I can't remember which page of my book this is on -- hopefully somebody who has the paperback edition of WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER? will post that page number -- but early in that book, I describe how Maritza, a friend of Kait's sister Robin, told Robin that a homicide detective who was a personal friend had informed her that Kait was NOT the victim of a random shooting. He told her that in late July, about two weeks after the shooting.

I contacted Maritza, and she told me that the detective who told her that was Damon Fay. Maritza said, "I specifically remember him saying that the location of one of the bullets in the car indicated that the shooting was not random. That the shot had to be aimed at a target. I also recall that this bullet was found later, not during the inital investigation."

This implies that bullet was found during the second-day work-up, the report of which has been removed from Kait's case file.

So, at that point, Damon Fay did NOT think I was a "crazy lady." He agreed with me that Kait was the victim of a hit.

In light of this new information, we'd be interested in anything else that anyone out there can share with us about Damon Fay. You don't have to post it here. You can send it by personal e-mail to

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: I used to belong to an internet group who made quilts for terminally ill children. One of our members was MaryAnn Wallace. I had a couple of members who were going to an event she was at ask her about this case and they said her reply to them was that she was "aware of the case."
I did not realize when I asked them to ask her about this case she was one of the first officers on the scene.

Asked on Friday, March 02, 2007 at 10:31:38 AM
Reply: It's extremely interesting that Officer Wallace would choose to distance herself from Kait's case in this way.

She was the first officer dispatched to the scene, and arrived within four minutes. She described to our private investigator how she and Det. Merriman and Paul Apodaca approached Kait's car, where they heard her "moaning and crying," and opened the passenger's door, and blood came pouring out. You'd think that would stay in her memory.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
the cops
Question: It's been a while since I read the book but I remember the details pretty well. I just also read over the basics on here. My question is, and has been as I was reading this, if the cops in that area didn't want to get very involved and didn't help much how come you didn't take it up with someone higher than them? It's just horrible to know that with so much information and detail about the shooting and the events that lead to it they still labeled it as a "random drive by shooting." I'm not an investigator, and not very old to know much, but it certainly doesn't seem as random. Anyways, I am very sorry for what happened, and I really do hope that one day this crime will no longer be a mystery.

Asked on Thursday, March 01, 2007 at 05:00:18 PM
Reply: We've taken this to everybody, all the way up the ladder. We've been told at every level that APD "owns" Kait's case, and no one can go over their heads. No one has the authority to "butt in" and question the actions of a different investigative agency.

The only individual willing to become involved was the late Steve Schiff, United States Congressman from New Mexico. He wrote a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, requesting that the Justice Department look into a possible police cover-up by APD. The assistant attorney general of the Civil Rights Division responded that the federal five-year statute of limitations prohibited their doing that.

Even so, we bless Steve Schiff every day of our lives for having made that effort.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Who Benefits?
Question: I was reading some of the insights from other posters and without having read the book (yet) am wondering (1) was Sharon directed by someone to invite Kait to dinner so an attempt (made to look like a random shooting because who would know where exactly she would be while enroute) could be made on her life whil on the way to Sharon's?, and since that attempt failed, (2) was her murder actually the 2nd attempt because the shooters would have known to where Kait was headed from Sharon's?, and (3) were Sharon's phone records ever checked?, and (4) due to the deterioration of Kait's relationship with Dung (please correct me if I am wrong), was she now considered a risk because she was no longer loyal to him and therefor was not guaranteed to keep his activities/contacts confidential?

What has been achieved by Kait's death? Silence? Status Quo? Who would benefit the most by the death of this young woman? Someone who would suffer severe consequences if she remained alive. Look to whose benefit it serves. I hope this helps. Peace. [Wolffie62]

Asked on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 11:48:40 PM
Reply: Very good questions.

1. I can only guess about this. But that dinner invitation has always seemed strange to me. When young single women get together, they usually go out somewhere, they don't cook Sunday night dinner for each other.

2. Absolutely, Kait was chased twice -- once on her way to Sharon's and once after she left Sharon's. Were both chases aimed at killing her? Or were the Hispanic suspects hired to chase her the first time, to try to intimidate her, and, when that didn't work, somebody else took over and "got her" after she left Sharon's, driving toward our house, where she more than likely would have told us everything?

3. Police told us that checking the calls to and from Sharon's house that night was impossible, because local phone calls were not on record.

4. That's what we think.

Answered by: Kait's Mom

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