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Kait's murderer
Question: Was the murderer of Kaitlyn Arquette, ever found? Who was he? Was the case just closed? Turned cold? Why?

Asked on Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 05:43:13 PM
Reply: The case is technically "open but inactive." which means police refuse to continue to investigate or to look at any information we or our private investigators provide to them.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: have u guys found out who killed kait?
r u gonna make a sequal about who killed my daughter?

Asked on Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 12:06:21 PM
Reply: No to the first question; yes to the second.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: I'm not the poster of the question asking about Dung's new girlfriend, but in reference to your question asking them where they saw her name, I've read this message board for years and I'm fairly sure I saw her name here, many posts back.

Asked on Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 10:06:38 AM
Reply: You're probably right. There have been over 1,200 posts on this message board, and there's no way that I can remember all of them.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Who Killed My Daughter
Question: First, I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. I lost someone very close to me and he was only 27 years old. It is truly the hardest thing anyone can go through. I admire your courage, strength and will to keep going and find justice for your daughter. Who Killed My Daughter? is the last of your books I read, before I graduated college last semester. I picked it up at the library, not knowing about your daughther until then. The book made me really feel like I could get a glimpse of who Kaitlyn was and how important she was, and is, to you. It makes me proud to have a degree in Journalism and English, and be able to help people get their stories out. Kaitlyn and your family will always be in my prayers......she is in Heaven, and one day her killers will face a higher power......either way, here or somewhere else, they will be punished for taking away someone's daughter, sister and friend. God Bless.

Asked on Friday, February 08, 2008 at 04:47:33 PM
Reply: We have come to believe that the only way crime victims can combat poor or dishonest investigations is through the media. I wish you the best with your chosen career. The pen truly IS "mightier than the sword."

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Dungs new girlfriend Lisa Prulheire
Question: Is it possible that Dung's new girlfriend Lisa Prulheire was involved in Kait's murder?

Asked on Friday, February 08, 2008 at 03:42:36 PM
Reply: Absolutely not. Dung didn't meet her until two years later. From all reports she's a very nice woman.

My question for you is, where did you get her name? To the best of my knowledge it's never been posted on this Web site.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Did You guys ever find Kaitlyn Lois killer after 18 years.

Asked on Friday, February 08, 2008 at 10:36:33 AM
Reply: After all these years of private investigation -- interviews with hundreds of people, information from informants who want their names protected and from honest cops from APD who also want their names protected -- we believe we know how the shooting occurred and who covered it up. However, TWO people were involved in the actual shooting. We don't know which one fired the bullets that killed Kait and which one fired the bullet that struck the door frame of her car, which was a larger caliber than the killer bullets. (We have a pretty good idea who altered the crime scene and who orchestrated the cover-up at the homicide department, but we don't know why they did that.)

Where do we take that information since APD doesn't want it? To go over the heads of the local law enforcement agency, who "owns" Kait's case, we need more.

We're waiting for the one particular person who can put the last piece of the puzzle in place to contact us.

We know he/she is reading this message board. I pray that person will find the courage to contact us privately, and I promise that his/her identity will not be revealed.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Hi I really dont kno how to start this but before anything i want to say taht i have soo much admiration and respect for you. You are very brave in trying to find Kait's killer. The first time I read the book was about 2 to 3 years ago and i relly touched me and i think there was on older website that i had visited but after reading it and visiting the website i guess i just stoppped thinkin about it. but today for some odd reason i started thinkin about WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER and i put in a search in yahoo in found this site. I dont kno what the reason for me thinkin about the book is but all i know is that i was. I jus get really sad when i think about how cruel people are and how the innocent have to suffer. i do have one thin to say to you GOD DOESNT FORGET ANYTHING and Kaits Killer will be punished if not in this lifetime then in the other one. I am a firm believer that God punishes those who do wrong and trust me the killer will pay.Just dont give up and i hope God Blesses you and your family. You will be in my prayers.

Asked on Monday, February 04, 2008 at 04:20:58 PM
Reply: Thank you for your caring message.

If your belief is right, and "Kait's killer will be punished" in the after-world -- which I strongly want to believe -- then those who covered up for that killer will be punished as well.

I consider them as guilty as the shooter.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: i just finished reading "who killed my dauhgter?" and was wondering why they didn't arrest "marty martinez" when he confessed that he and his friends were hired by the vietnamese to kill kait

Asked on Sunday, February 03, 2008 at 03:01:50 PM
Reply: APD Lt. Chris Padilla stated that Marty was not
arrested because a drunken confession would not stand up in court. (We don't understand why Marty wasn't placed in a holding cell and allowed to sober up before he was questioned.)

A week later, Lt. Padilla told reporters that Marty still hadn't been questioned because police weren't yet sure that he was the same Dennis (Marty) Martinez who was arrested for Kait's murder. (Why didn't they run his Social Security Number?)

Even more startling is the fact that the officer dispatched to the scene, who heard Marty's confession, called the APD records department to verify who Marty was. He was told that APD had no record of ever having arrested Dennis (Marty) Martinez and no record of the Kaitlyn Arquette homicide.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Hello this is Andrey in Auckland New Zealand saying yes my prayers plus Duncan's prayers are with Lois Duncan and family plus for (Myself Andrey) who prays to God for the murderer of Kait's for justice.

Plus Lois Duncan you have myself (Andrey)'s full support for The Justice Committee.

Asked on Sunday, February 03, 2008 at 02:42:49 AM
Reply: Thank you for this post. It never ceases to amaze me that people in other parts of the world are following Kait's case.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
I'm Sorry
Question: Lois, I have always been a fan of all your books and read them all while I have been in high school. I am now a junior and my librarian suggested reading "Who Killed My Daughter?" but told me I should read it after I've finished all your other books, this wasnt hard considering I only had one left. Your book moved me, and at the same time made me extremely frustrated with the authorities. It really puts a damper on the world we think is so safe and well protected. It is frightening to know that our loved ones can be harmed in such a way and disregarded because of federal/local laziness. Even if that is a little harsh. You have always been an inspiration to me, since I am strongly considering a career in either English education, journalism, or some other field of writing. I hope that this case is solved or has been. It is now 2008, and that is almost twenty years I believe...if there is a more updated site with information, or the answer to this crime. Please let me know. I hope you are stil in contact with this site and will respond. I wish I had read your book sooner.
I send my sympathies!

Asked on Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 09:41:54 AM
Reply: Thank you for your kind thoughts, Kylie.

This is Kait's only official Web site, and we try to keep it up to date. I respond to every message posted here and to every personal e-mail I receive.

Sometimes the posts are very informative and contain new information. Dung's employer has posted on this message board. So have Kait's second boyfriend Rod, and many of Kait's friends and coworkers, as well as good cops at APD, who have identified certain officers involved in the cover-up and/or who were at the scene but whose names were omitted from police reports.

Among those officers at the scene whose names were omitted were field officer, Sgt. John Gallegos,(who later served as supervisor of the APD Internal Affairs Unit until he was arrested for burglarizing a liquor store while on duty) and Alex Marentas, also a field officer and allegedly the boyfriend of Officer Mary Ann Wallace, the first officer dispatched to the scene. Marentas later became president of the Police Union and -- according to another informant -- "put pressure to blanket the officers" involved in the cover-up.

So, even after all these later, we continue to receive new information because of this Web site. We have our investigators check it out. Some of it's accurate; some of it isn't.

I visit this board every day, because I never know what I'm going to find here.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Who Killed My Daughter?
Question: I wanted to know if Rod ever contacted you?
If he did, did he mention anything about taking Kait to the "Desert Castle?"

Asked on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 at 05:42:48 PM
Reply: Yes, Rod contacted us. If you click on the link to excerpts from "The Tally Keeper" I think you will find an account of that there.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Lois Duncan
Question: First of all I would like to say that you are my favorite author :]
I just finished reading your book "Who Killed My Daughter" and was wondering if Kaitlyn's murder had to do with the Vietnamese, why haven't you asked Dung about why Kaitlyn was killed and who killed her?
Also have you ever, since the murder, asked Dung what Kait and him did on their trip to California?

I am so sorry about your loss and I hope that the police find out who killed your daughter.

Asked on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 at 05:28:17 PM
Reply: If you've read the book, you must know that I DID ask Dung that question when he was in the hospital recovering from his stabbing. He told me he was "deciding" if he loved Kait enough to devulge that information.

Six months later, I wrote him a letter, asking him again. He gave the letter to his boss at Artwear, the T-shirt place where he worked, and she gave it to the police as evidence of harassment.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
The Cold Case
Question: Hi my name is Kaitlyn Farmer I am a sophmore at a small high school in Monmouth Il. We read the first two chapters in your book in class, discovering that I wanted to read more I asked my teacher for a copy of the book. I was wondering if the case is still open. Now that we have better technology in the recent years, I was wondering if other detectives had "re-opened" the case to try to solve it using science. I realize that the police there had tampered with the origanal police report and all the evidance.I am having reason to belive that fresh new people should take over and try to find the one(s) who did this bad deed.I know that the time you went through was hard and I am sorry that it happened.

Thank you!
Kaitlyn Farmer

Asked on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 at 10:44:22 AM
Reply: Legally, the case is still open, since it's unsolved. However, APD considers it closed, because they made arrests, despite the fact that the suspects were not brought to trial because of lack of evidence.

We have tried and tried and tried to get this case assigned to a different investigative agency. We're told that that is impossible. APD "owns" the case.

You're right, a lot more could be accomplished through science. APD never even attempted to match the fingerprints on the beer can on the curb by Kait's car with the prints of the Vietnamese suspects or of Paul Apodaca. That can was marked as evidence. Unless they've disposed of it, it should be sitting right there in the evidence room. A comparison still could be made with those of subjects linked to Kait's case and also submitted to a national fingerprint bank to see if they match those of any known criminal. But APD is unwilling to do that.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Kind of starts to tie things together
Question: PART III: I am curious, however, if the list of transgressions by APD is in the average for a city of this size (a police force of this size) and I am not sure how to find that out. Hmm, more research is needed.... I sure wish somebody would step forward with that key piece of is out there. It is too bad someone cannot offer Matt Griffin or any of the other officers now incarcerated some type of deal to talk now that they have been put away......

I would also like to suggest putting the actual links to the newspaper articles in the paragraphs that talk about the transgressions of APD and the other law enforcements. It would add more validity to the site. I know the stuff is true because I have read it but for others it would might help.

No name from this guy.....for all I know I will be tracked by this computer\'s IP now.......

Asked on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 01:00:12 PM
Reply: Not to worry. We would never attempt to track down anybody who posted on this message board. We'd have nothing to gain by that, even if we knew how to do it, which we don't.

In your case, however, I hope you will contact us by personal e-mail. You may have more information than you realize. We have an interest is certain events and individuals whose names are not mentioned on this Web site, and your son may have let things drop that you didn't think were important, but which would fill in some gaps for us and supplement information that we already have.

I swear -- on Kait's name -- that if you do decide to contact us, we will keep your identity confidential and will not do anything to endanger you.

Your suggestion about supplying links to newspaper articles is a good one, but I'm afraid it's not feasible. Most of those articles aren't available on the Internet and to try to scan or retype them would take us years. If people want to check out their validity, the best way to do so would be to contact the newspaper morge. (There's one morge for both the Albq. Journal and Albq. Tribune.) There's a charge for copying articles. However, if you live in Albuquerque and want to go down there in person and look up the articles on your own, I don't think there's a charge for that. They have them very well organized based upon subject matter.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Kind of starts to tie things together
Question: PART II: I have read these stories in the Albuquerque Journal all these years, and always sided with the police version. How could their story be anything but the truth? Now, after reading the \"other side of the story\" on the web sites, I am not so sure. I read the evidence room story and thought the person in charge was just placing blame by claiming a conspiracy existed. I read about Peter Klunck. I know Steve Nakamura and he is not talking about this issue. I met Matt Griffin in 1989 and spent some time with him as we had some things in common. I never knew he was an APD officer as he just told me he was a city employee when we first met. It was not until I saw the back of him on TV, in handcuffs in front of the judge, and heard his name, that I realized I had been hanging out with a bank robber and murderer. Wow, all the things my son told me now seem to make more sense after reading the web site. I plan on getting the book and reading it this weekend. It sure seems plausible to me that there is something more going on here that what the official story is. It is just too much of a coincidence not to be.

Asked on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 12:59:40 PM
Reply: I'm glad you're going to read the book. It will give you a foundation for all that happened next. But, bear in mind, it was published in 1992. At that point we had a narrow scope of suspitions, all of which involved the Vietnamese crime ring.

It wasn't until the book came out and received national media coverage that we began to receive information and offers of help from informants, outside investigators, crime scene analysts, and honest members of APD. Those people helped us obtain the rest of the information on this Web site that shows a much larger picture than we were previously aware of.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Kind of starts to tie things together
Question: PART I: I heard about the book about Kait a few days ago from a friend. I then searched on the 'Net and found the sites about Kait. After reading about APD and this case, some of the things I was told in the '90's have started to make more sense. My son (God rest his soul) was very involved in the Albuquerque drug scene in the 1990's. He told me that Bob Schwartz, the former DA in this area, was heavily involved in drugs, specifically cocaine. My son also told me Dave Garduno (of the Garduno restaurant family) was also heavily involved in drugs. I was also told last night by a friend that was what he had heard as to why YesterDave's restaurant was closed: because of some drug dealings. At the time my son told me about Bob & Dave I just shut him down and did not listen: how could two highly respected people, people I would consider to be NM VIPs, in our community be involved in stuff like drugs? Now, all these years later, I wish I could tell my son that perhaps there could be something to what he told me, and ask him what else he knew? Also, when I read the psychic's description of the political person at the party, there was only one name that immediately popped into my mind: Manny Aragon. Could it have been Bill Richardson? I doubt it, as he is, in my mind, too politically smart and driven to be involved in stuff like what was described at the castle. Now, my opinion he is another story. Granted, these were the stories told me by my drugged out son and possibly could still be false but.....combine those stories with this web site and it makes me wonder....

Asked on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 12:58:27 PM
Reply: I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. From what you say here, he may well have had his finger on the pulse of the New Mexico drug scene. The fact that he would tell you these things would appear to indicate that he was worried about his own safety and felt a need to confide in someone he could trust in case something happened to him (as it did to Peter Klunck, Stephen Haar, Ramona Duran, and others whose cases are described at

I'd be interested to know the circumstances of your son's death, but it's better that you not post that here, as those facts might inadvertently identify you.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: howww iss calling someonee (dung) considerded a harassment??

p.s. your amazingg

Asked on Monday, January 28, 2008 at 05:45:04 PM
Reply: According to the police, phoning people who don't want to be in touch with you, or mailing them a reward flyer if they don't want to be reminded about a murder case, is harassment. Even though the reward flyer was mailed to 200 other people as well.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: hi tis is a gril in school and read the book i cried and sorry i think she is happy with god she was a nice gril as the book tells me.

Asked on Saturday, January 26, 2008 at 07:33:30 AM
Reply: Thank you, Michelle. Yes, Kait was a nice girl. But she was a risk taker. And she took one risk too many.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Cyber Hug
Question: Dear Lois,

I don't so much have a question as I do an expression of heartfelt compassion and sympathy for you and your family. Your strength and perserverance in the ongoing fight for justice in your daughter's murder is admired.

I lived in California during the late 1980's and early 1990's therefore I had no knowledge of this terrible case. As a matter of fact, I only became aware when I read your book two months ago and I must say until that time I fully supported my son wanting to become a member of APD. Now, even he, whom I have discussed this case and your book with, is considering a different approach to law enforcement. It's not my place to say all APD cops are dirty, but the facts in this case, and Lord knows how many others we don't have information on, expose APD for the corrupt and lame excuse of public safety that they are.

Continue to be strong and may you know that another mom in Albuquerque holds you and your family in her heart.

((((*cyber hug*))))

An Albuquerque Mom

Asked on Friday, January 25, 2008 at 08:25:53 AM
Reply: Thank you for the cyber hug. I needed that today.

I'm struggling with how to respond to your concern about your son joining APD. I feel guilty advising against it, because God knows they need more honest, moral officers to make up for the bad ones. The problem is that honest, moral officers are totally under the control of their superiors and can be sucked into a pool of corruption before they know that it's happening, and then they can't get out again.

If this were my son, I would advise him to read the New Mexico cases on the Real Crimes Web site at before making up his mind about this.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Crime Scene Photo
Question: Lois, I thought I had seen a photo of Kaitlyn's car that shows it having hit the pole. The photo was taken from behind the car. Has it been removed from the website?

I think you are one very remarkable woman. I found out about Kaitlyn's story from the interview you did with Todd Matthews on Missing Pieces, and it was an honor to have transcribed your show. Of course I bought a copy of the book and then went back and read ALL the messages here and your kind, appropriate, honest, witty and sharp answers.

Let's hope that justice is just around the corner.

Asked on Thursday, January 24, 2008 at 09:35:07 PM
Reply: You're right. Such a photo exists. I assumed it was one of those that is linked to "The Crime Scene" section of this Web site, but now that I've checked, I realize that it isn't. Nothing has been removed from this site, so I wonder where you saw that photo? If you send me an e-mail I'll send it to you as an attachment.

Which means I gave an incorrect answer to the question posted down a ways: " what is that stuff in front of her car in one of the photos?" I said it looked like it might be a piece of the bumper, but I was thinking about the picture that you're referring to. "The stuff" in the photo of her car that is on this Web site is not in front of the car, it's on the street next to the passenger's door. It's blood and vomit and probably brain matter that spilled into the street when medics removed Kait from the car.

Answered by: Kait's Mom

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