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article in today's Albuquerque Journal
Question: ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - An Albuquerque police officer has sued his boss and the Bernalillo County sheriff.

Officer Sam Costales alleges he’s been defamed and retaliated against since testifying against Bernalillo County deputies in a resisting arrest trial.

His civil rights lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Costales testified on behalf of four-time Indy 500 winner Al Unser Sr. last year after Unser was arrested on a charge of disobeying police orders to leave a roadblock near their property.

Costales described deputies’ actions as rude and unprofessional, and contradicted sheriff’s deputies. Unser was acquitted.

The lawsuit says Costales reported the alleged misconduct by other officers, but it was never investigated.

Asked on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 02:59:24 PM
Reply: What I find interesting is that Sheriff Darren White accused Officer Costales of "sucker-punching" his deputies by testifying honestly in court when he was under oath. A Police Union official then apologized to Sheriff White because a member of APD broke the Blue Code of Silence.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Tally Keeper
Question: Ms Dunkin, I have been following your Daughters story and possible solving of her murder for years now and can't seem to wonder why people keep asking when the Tally Keeper will be out. Since it is a story about the murder and how you found this murder - you sure can't put it out without that key piece of evidence. I sure pray for your family that someone comes forward with that information and I read this information space every month and I am pleased that you are getting good information that may help you.


Asked on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 12:30:43 PM
Reply: Thank you, June.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
stranger with my face
Question: where do you come up with all these ideas for such great mystery books? Well whatever it is keep it up!

Asked on Monday, August 27, 2007 at 05:32:22 PM
Reply: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy them.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
discarded evidence
Question: Dear Ms. Duncan,
In May this year I wrote to you with information that the phone calls on
Kait's final bill were directly dialed. Officer Gallegos told you he would get
the listings (names) of those numbers for you. He failed to do so, and Sgt.
Lowe claimed she knew nothing about them.
Although I realize Law and Order shows are fiction, nearly every time there
is a homicide on L&O, SVU, which I watch faithfully, the detectives first want
to check phone records, both from cell phones and land lines.
I cannot understand why these police officers did not pursue the numbers
called the night your daughter died. That was probably the first of many
more botched events in the investigation. I'm sorry you are unable to call
on Dayle Hinman of the FBI to help solve the case, because the APD was not diligent or efficient enough to do a proper job, and that is why they will
not allow the FBI to step in.
Can you please tell me if you have a publication date for your sequel? I
only skimmed through it on the net since I want to read it all at once.
Thank you, and God be with you and all of your family.
Jean Adams, California (6)

Asked on Monday, August 27, 2007 at 12:26:57 AM
Reply: Those phone numbers -- the fact that Detective Gallegos told us he'd checked them out and given the results to Sgt. Lowe, and Sgt. Lowe telling us she knew nothing about them -- was our first indication that APD was not playing straight with us.

No, there is no publication date set for The Tally Keeper .

Answered by: Kait's Mom
The Tally Keeper
Question: One more thing...Is "The Tally Keeper" set to release anytime soon? Or can I download it online?

Out of curiosity is it possible with all of the corrupt officials in this town that the first officers on the scene were actually the ones who murdered your daughter? Afterall the crime scene was wiped clean, the weapons used were different (Iread was possible) and the fact that they were "clean as the driven snow" doesn't mean they could not have been paid to commit the crime. Who would know if they were the only ones there? What better reason to leave, no one would suspect a police officer would they?

Just thinking outloud.

Asked on Saturday, August 25, 2007 at 08:38:50 AM
Reply: The TALLY KEEPER isn't ready to launch yet.

Since we don't know who murdered Kait, it's not impossible that a police officer was involved. But there are other possibilities as well.

Your "thinking out loud" is useful. Thank you.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
I wish...
Question: I am the mother of a 16 year old daughter and because of your book. My daughter is very open with me about everything and does not try to take on the world by herself. She read your book a couple of years ago and although we have always had an outstanding relationship, now it is even closer. People always think we are sisters instead of mother and daughter.

My daughter has decided on a career in forensics and I am very proud. She wanted to have the ability to give families the closure in certain unsolved cases, such as missing children and loved ones found years later and finally identified.

I just wanted to say, I wish I could take your pain away and I am sorry for your loss. I hope one day someone comes forward so that you may have the closure you need to move on. We check the website often for updates. Keep the faith and that day will come.

Asked on Saturday, August 25, 2007 at 07:55:56 AM
Reply: God bless both you and your daughter. The two of you sound wonderful.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
ms ducan
Question: corruption at such a high leval that in it self should be a federal crime a special federal team should be assigned to weed out the bad seed that is using ther job to terroirze the people in there community. that police department needs to get rid of all those who should have been fired not promoted or tranfer for this cancer cannot be rid of that way a house cleaning is needed and the people should demand and vote out those not doing the oath they took to protect and serve its people. when there is code of silence we all lose because the we are protecting the wrong and they are the new gangs stealing , robbing, killing and they force the good ones to look away and do noting and hide behind there badge and think there above the law because the law is protecting them.its is very sad when those who know the truth about your daughter may never come forward because of fear and death they believe silence is keeping them safe.

Asked on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 09:11:06 PM
Reply: The sad thing is, silence is NOT keeping them safe. It's the people who are SITTING on their information -- the way Kait did -- who are threats to those who are involved. Once people have spoken out, there's no longer a reason to kill them, because the damage already has been done. Killing them then would simply reinforce the fact that what they reported was accurate.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Kaitlyn C Arquette
Question: Duncan Family:

Sorry for your loss, How is it that on the day( sat.) your daughter wants this boy-friend to move out and the next day on (sun_) she is killed!!!. yes she was set up by those she thought were her friends. - wanted no- part she became a liability. The suppose v.i.p may have been her boy-friend boss and his wife and those she met in California. which made them up-set at her for showing up where she was not expected. her in a manager of shipping and receiving and checking in-voice was just a front for illegal activity and that is what she may have step on and by breaking off with the boy-friend. her fear on seeking help from her family may have been her biggest mistake and she knew it and try to get home when she realized the this sharon smith was all part of this ring unbeknown to her put her on the road to her death . the reason she wanted to known if the boy-friend was at her apartment may have been her way on checking on where he was and his friends since he had no car- transportion and may have wanted sharon to ask if he had some=one following her after being chase and shot at ,unless she knew it was only a set up and fled. I hope but rest assure justice will come from a higher source and those who are responsible will get their\'s here on earth and above. bless you all and may God give the same mercy they gave your\" beautiful Kaitlyn \" peace and love diane. p.s. in one of the comments i read about Noah Robinson the half- brother of rev- jesse jackson is he may be the so call psyschi v.i.p that your daughter miss-took for the Rev and may have cost her her life both brothers look so- much alike .

Asked on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 04:05:14 PM
Reply: I agree that not telling her family was a major mistake. However, she was probably trying to protect Dung. She feared that we would report his illegal activities to the authorities, and he would be deported. She was trying to convince him to break his ties with that criminal group and turn his life around.

However, I think she was preparing to confide in her oldest sister. She was very close to Robin, who lived in Florida, and at the end of July, Kait was going to fly there to visit her. She wrote to Robin that she had important things she needed to discuss with her, but she couldn't put them in writing.

She never had a chance to make that trip.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
August 2007. 19th SATURDAY.
Question: AUG. 19, SAT. 2007.
Nguyen, probably will never talk, because
Asians, in general, fear cops. And for good reason.
Cops have so much \"power\" they could
probably turn Mother Teresa into a child molester
with their Subterfuge, and fabricated paper work.


To this day, cops are often referred to as
is an all-encompassing slur, directed
to cops, THE closest English translation I can
think of is: dirty cop terrorists with "police powers."
A dirty cop will tell you with a straight face,
that they had to shoot a in the back and kill
a stark naked \"suspect\" running away, because the cop
feared for his life.
Most unionized street cops of any city u.s.a. DO NOT
understand the first thing about the concept of
DE-ESCALATION. The U.K. street cops, most with
only a billy stick, seem to be much, much better with
this non-lethal weapon: De-Escalation Tactics...
In my experience, women cops are
not that much better. It seems when one side is ARMED,
and the private citizen is unarmed, then 9.99999
out of 10, the private citizen will \"lose\" (their life).
Policing should BE largely about, DE-ESCALATION.
In my opinion.
---------- THE END.

Asked on Sunday, August 19, 2007 at 05:57:09 PM
Reply: That's an interesting observation and one with which many people agree.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Ray Duran
Question: Ray Duran was asked to leave APD and is bitter. I've heard different things about what he did next, PI, Dee Jay, Airport Police, etc. Don't know which if any is true. I do know for a fact he was a ladys man, multiple marriages, fights over him at Kirtland by woman APD cops.

Asked on Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 03:06:41 PM
Reply: Many retired cops become private investigators, body guards, etc. It's the kind of work they've been trained for.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Ray Duran
Question: what happend to Ray Duran, is he still on the force?

Asked on Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 05:58:16 PM
Reply: Probably not. Very few of the police officers who were on the force back in 1989 are still there. Most have retired.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
the rapist cop
Question: I don't know which cop made that statement to Debby about Kait's murder but unless there was more than one cop who was following women home and raping them I'm pretty I know who the rape cop was because I knew one of the women. She was active Air Force and lived off base on San Mateo.

If he's the guy I'm thinking about, he was booted out of APD.

Asked on Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 02:59:11 PM
Reply: Please, send us additional information by private e-mail.

Answered by: Kait's mom
that cop
Question: was the cop, or did he become, high ranking? (above leutenent)

Asked on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 at 06:27:55 PM
Reply: To the best of my knowledge, no.

Answered by: Kait
Debbie Stephan
Question: Did Debbie still live in Albuquerque or what town did she live in?

Asked on Monday, August 13, 2007 at 04:05:54 PM
Reply: Debby was afraid to contact us until her husband got transferred to an Air Force base in another state and the two of them were out of Albuquerque.

She told me that one of the cops who partied at the chop shop on Arno and also frequented the Roadrunner Lounge at the NCO Club, had raped three female Air Force officers who'd had too much to drink. Debby said the cop followed them home from the club, knocked on their doors and said, "Police Officer" when they asked who it was. One woman told Debby that he placed his gun by the bed and "she just closed her eyes and waited for the nightmare to be over. He told her no one would believe her and if she called APD they wouldn't care."

Naturally, Debby was scared of what might happen to her if she contacted us with this information while she was still in Albuquerque.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Debby Stephan,
Question: Hi Lois,
How old was Debby Stephan when she passed? When the officer told Debby \"her family would never find out what happened to her\" regarding Kait, was that all that he said or did he give her more info? How did Kait come up between them? Thanks Lois

Asked on Monday, August 13, 2007 at 01:37:12 PM
Reply: Debby died at age 53.

The officer did not give her any information other than that Kait's family would never know what really happened to her. She said he was laughing about that.

I can only assume the subject came up because, at that time, Kait's case was all over the news. Debby was a pretty blonde, and she worked as a bartender. People who have had a few drinks tend to spill their guts to bartenders.

Answered by: Kait's mom
Question: I was just curouis what happened to the men in jail?
Have they died?

And what happend to the physic?
Is she still around?

Asked on Sunday, August 12, 2007 at 03:53:47 PM
Reply: The one man in jail, Miguel Garcia, was released when the DA decided not to prosecute.

We consulted several psychics. Some are "still around." Others have since died. Remember -- this case goes back to 1989.

Answered by: Kait's mom
question about another question
Question: in one of the previous posts someone said something about someone recieving kaits heart and her lungs...i tried to find an excerpt on the internet or go find the book at a local book store and i could not find any information about it. The person who asked the question said something about the organ recipeint having "memories"??? Could you explain this to me it sounds like a very interesting story.~~~keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers~~

Asked on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at 02:42:18 PM
Reply: When the recipient of Kait's heart and lungs emerged from recovery, he told his mother and a nurse about a dream he experienced about a frightened blonde girl being chased in a car by dark-complexioned men.

Several years later his mother contacted me to tell me about that dream and to give me the notes she took as her son described it. I also read an article about it written by the nurse and published in a medical journal. At the time of the tansplant, there was no way the organ recipient could have known a thing about the donor, even the sex, much less the circumstances of the doner's death. I've been told that the cells of the body contain memory. Some of Kait's final memories apparently got transplanted along with her major organs.

The book in which I describe this is SEASONS OF THE HEART. The description is in the section called "Winter," because Kait's murder was truly the Winter of my life. That book, which is a strange sort of autobiography, part narrative and part poems that I wrote from age 10 to age 70, chronicle the seasons of my life. It's not available in many book stores because it's a POD (Print-on_Demand) book. Book stores can't get returns, so they don't stock them.

SEASONS OF THE HEART can be ordered from on-line book stores like and Barnes& This is a book for women -- most men won't turn onto it. If any of you decide to order a copy for yourself or for a woman friend, daughter, or mother, (birthday or Christmas present), and would like it autographed, I'll be glad to send you a personallized autographed label to paste in it.

I started to say, "Let me know by e-mail and I'll send it," and then it struck me that I might receive 1,000 requests, and the cost of the stamps would become overwhelming. So, if you'd like one or more autographed labels, please, send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope with a note telling me to whom you'd like the book(s) autographed.

You can send that to the following address, and it will be forwarded to me:

Lois Duncan
7350 So. Tamiami Trail, # 100
Sarasota, FL 34231

Answered by: Kait's mom
Question: Please, join us in mourning the untimely death of Debby Stephan, who died this past Tuesday of natural causes. Until now we have kept her identity confidential because of her fear of retaliation. With that no longer an issue, we would like to acknowledge Debby as a courageous and invaluable member of “Kait’s Army.” We will miss her very much.

Attached is an excerpt from my (as yet unpublished) book, The Tally Keeper. Originally I planned to refer to Debby by a pseudonym. Now I feel free to use her real name:

Asked on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at 11:50:39 AM
Reply: In April 1997, I received the following e-mail:

Dear Mrs. Arquette,

I have been afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation, but last night, after reading your Web pages again and again, I got up my courage. I’m the wife of an Air Force officer who was stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base when your daughter was killed. I worked as a bar tender at the Roadrunner Lounge at the NCO Club.

On your Web site you asked about crooked cops at that Arno Street address. I know who some of them were. There was a bunch of Albuquerque cops who hung out at the NCO Club, where a cop named Ray Duran moonlighted as a disk jockey. Many active duty women would go there on Friday nights, so it was a pretty hot spot. Some of those cops were soliciting women to go to late night parties at that body shop. One cop, who kept trying to come onto me even though he knew I was married, appeared to have information about your daughter's death. He told me her family would never find out what happened to her.

Keep going, you will solve this case, and Kait will walk into the light. I hope you break APD wide open!
Caring for Kait --

Our private investigator, Pat, ran a background check on Debby, and she was exactly what she said she was – an Air Force wife who had bartended at the Roadrunner Lounge. Her information about the disk jockey cop was accurate, as were the names and descriptions of other police officers she identified. She also turned out to have a steel trap memory for detail, and could even recall the types of drinks and brands of cigarettes that various police officers favored and which ones liked to dance the “Electric Slide.”

Debby volunteered to review the APD report of Dung's suicide attempt in the door room of his alibi friend, Khanh Pham, to see if the investigation had been appropriately handled. In her opinion, it had not.

"There's something wrong with this picture," she told us. "The OSI doesn't get involved in suicide attempts by civilians. The OSI would have been called in only if the Air Force thought this was a criminal assault. That dorm room should have been secured. What was an OSI agent doing stripping the bed, rolling up the bloody sheets, and handling the knife? And why would the OSI contact APD? The city police have no jurisdiction on base."

We submitted a request to the base for documents pertaining to Dung's suicide attempt and were told that they had been purged from their files.

With that door closed to us, we decided to try another tact and began a campaign to track down Khanh Pham's former dorm mates. We figured that the arrival of an ambulance in the late night hours, plus all the hubbub connected with the OSI investigation, was sure to have aroused the curiosity of everybody in the dorm.

Debby’s skills as an investigator awed even Pat as she located one person after another through the MCO database, Military On Line and the World Wide Locator. One former dorm resident, now stationed at a base in California, told Debby that nobody in the dorm had believed Dung's stabbing was a suicide attempt, but they had been told by their sergeant to "shut up, ask no questions, and leave it alone."

Eventually Debby hit the jackpot and located Khanh Pham's roommate. Since we didn't know what this contact might lead to, Pat conducted that interview.

The roommate, a Caucasian man, who was no longer in the service, told Pat that he had been on leave at the time of the stabbing and had returned to find his bed stripped and his mattress stained with blood. He said Khanh had told him that Dung tried to kill himself over some girl, but Khanh had never met the girl and knew nothing about her.

"That's not true," Pat told him. "Khanh knew that girl very well. He and his friend, An Quoc Le, even went on a camping trip with Dung and the Arquette family.”

"All I know is what he told me," the roommate said. "When I got back to the base all my shit was gone. I want my knife back."

The roommate had nothing but nice things to say about Khanh Pham. In fact, he seemed to have liked everybody he met in Albuquerque and specifically mentioned his friendship with a police officer who was "a really great guy."

"Him and I rode bikes together," he recalled nostalgically.

He identified his motorcycle buddy as Matt Griffin -- "the Ninja Bandit" -- a notorious bank robber who was arrested one week before Kait's murder.

Answered by: Lois Duncan
hi from germany
Question: i have read your book several times, i have always wondered if the murderer had been found. i just finished it again a little while ago and for the first time thought about checking the internet on any updates. i am sorry to hear that kaits' murder still is not solved. i see so many new things on your webpage and i read through them. my prayers are with you and i hope you can solve all this at some point. thank you for your support to the other families that suffered through such horrible crimes as well. i know kait is proud of you! through your own tragedy you managed to support others. that is wonderful. keep up the great work and never give up!
from germany

Asked on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at 04:54:57 AM
Reply: Thank you for your kind words. WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER? was translated into many languages. It's gratifying to know that she lives on in the hearts and minds of readers all over the world.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Racism won't solve the case
Question: To the poster who talked about her town being a "pit" for other nationalities and "riddled" with Hispanics as if we are the scourge of humanity: your ignorance and hatred will not solve this case and it is unfortunate that you chose to use this board to air your clear hatred of other nationalities. I recall that such an assumption was made at the beginning of this case, when a reporter asked Mrs. Arquette if she thought it was a good idea to let her blonde, Caucasian daughter drive a red car in a town full of Hispanics/Mexicans. As I recall, this line of thinking is what led to the idea that Kaitlyn was shot simply because she was the wrong color, in the wrong place at the wrong time (i.e., the random shooting theory). As often happens, ignorance played a part in leading the investigation the wrong direction. I am sure the real murderers (whatever color or nationality they may be) were quite pleased to have this smoke screen to hide behind. It's sad that it was such an easy theory for people to buy into!

This Hispanic has an interest in seeing an unsolved murder that took place a mere mile from my front doorstep solved. Many others of my nationality, and many Vietnamese here as well, want to see this and other murders in our town solved. We want to see a safer, less corrupt Albuquerque.

Albuquerque certainly seems to have more than it's share of corrupt police officers, politicians and citizens, but the problems in our city are NOT caused by ethnic diversity. I have never had the impression that the family thought that, and I certainly hope that is not something that they believe.

Asked on Friday, August 10, 2007 at 01:13:35 PM
Reply: Thank you for that good post.

Answered by: Kait's Mom

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