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just a thought, speaking from my experience...
Question: First, my heart goes out to your family as you deal with this ongoing tragedy without any benefit of the psuedo-closure that comes with some measure of the justice you have worked so hard to achieve.

I commend you on the thorough job of making your daughters crime and the details of the investigation available to keep her case alive. I wonder how helpful the local area media has been in keeping her story alive and well? What I am struck by is that almost all of your theories of suspects/motives require a number of parties (at least more than one) involved to keep their silence and it is even more likely that more than one is aware of details of the crime just through association. In my experience, cold cases are broken most often through new technology available to evaluate existing evidence and associates of individuals either responsible for the crime or play a role in the cover up, for which media coverage can be very helpful in coaxing someone out of their intimidation or (former) loyalties. Time is definitely on your side in this scenario. (continued, next message)

Asked on Friday, January 09, 2009 at 04:41:08 PM
Bullet Frags
Question: I believe, if there is a cover up, it will center around the evidence. In a criminal investigation, even a sloppy one, the fragments are analyzed to at least try and determine a caliber of gun. Even small fragments I believe would hold enough of the fingerprint of the gun as each gun is unique. In your report from APD, which I hope you got the whole report, what does it list about the fragments. Also, I think it totally reasonable to contact old case and ask if they still have that in evidence.

On another note. The fact that a large piece was not found. That would mean evidence was either lost, stolen, or not found.

Hard Question here, so forgive me. Have you considered having your daughter's body re-examined and look for that fragment? This I believe is your key to getting to some answers. If the fragment is there, you now have something to re-examine and check with firearms or other cases already in the system. Or, if you find that it was intentionally left you can suspect the OMI covering up as well. Seems as if you are half way there considering his testimony. Also keep in mind. Chain of evidence should be documented on who the OMI gave those fragments to. And what they person did with them.

I don't know all the answers and think that you have probably cried yourself to sleep looking for answers, maybe even thought about this idea, or went down this road already. But from what I have read, I believe this to be key to opening the next door.

Asked on Thursday, January 08, 2009 at 10:22:38 AM
Reply: There's already plenty of evidence that there was a cover-up. Our question for you, as a former detective, familiar with the members of Violent Crimes at the time of Kait's murder and aware of the in-house dynamics: Who, in 1989, was in a position to direct and control the investigation of Kait's case, and, therefore, orchestrate a cover-up?

It was not Detective Steve Gallegos. It was not his Sgt. Ruth Lowe. They obeyed their superiors and did whatever they were told.

Who WAS their superior? Who controlled THEM?

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Larger Fragment
Question: Were they able to tell the caliber of the rounds from fragments, or if they were from the same gun?

From the fragments they should have been able to tell what kind of round it was. Like a hollow point, jacketed, anything like that? Are the fragments still available or photographed?

Also can they tell you how the larger fragment was not found? Seems strange they can find fragments but not the larger fragments. Also, what about the round that hit the car. Is that car still available. I am working on a theory. But I am sure you have gone through soo many theorys and ways to solve and I don't want to waste your time until I know some of these questions. All you need is one person to crack and the rest will fall like dominos.

This is Roch. And I am not afraid of any pressure from anyone if I can help. I know this will take time to establish trust, but I am truely interested. I have cut all ties with APD except a few friends who I know are righteous. Therefore not afraid. I have had more death threats on my then most. They don't scare me.

Asked on Tuesday, January 06, 2009 at 08:19:41 PM
Reply: I don't know the answers to those questions. In his Grand Jury testimony, the forensic pathologist said he'd submitted the bullet fragments to the crime lab and they had examined them but he had not seen a copy of the report.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: Can you tell where Sharon was living, I mean her address? Somebody wrote a while back about "her part of town" and referred to something that was near her house. Was it in Old Town? It would be interesting to find out what was near her house. I hope you don't mind me asking it but I have been thinking about that.

Asked on Tuesday, January 06, 2009 at 04:38:48 PM
Reply: At the time of the shooting, Sharon lived at 407 19th Street NW. But she moved immediately after the murder.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Conspiracy Theory cont..
Question: 1. she was set up beforehand, they got Griff down there since he was the only one to have any "nerve" to kill... or 2. everybody's partying with
blow, which by the way makes people very edgy, something gets said and the next thing you know , Griff has just killed a woman, a powerful attorney is there, who CANNOT be seen there, especially since he just got Griff out, ... then all the people scatter: he goes home, he goes that way, he tries to clean up the scene, people high, people drunk, bad investigation,beer cans in the street, people telling different stories, people making phone calls to CA. etc.. etc.. It just seems, the more I look at this case the more it looks like a party that got out of hand. In my experiences at parties this case is EXACTLY how things happen in reality... Just my 6 cents.

Asked on Tuesday, January 06, 2009 at 11:16:20 AM
Reply: I appreciate your suggestions, but I doubt very much that this was the situation.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Conspiracy Theory
Question: I know that it has been stated and confirmed that Griffin was in jail that night, having been accused of the Ninja robberies. Although, after taking a look at the post from Mr. Hart, I have a gut feeling it was him. I don\'t think it would be too far out of the realm to think that: he got arrested, one of his buddies sneaks him out of jail (or gets him released by a POWERFUL attorney in the ALBQ area, one who has not been mentioned here , and has been Mr. Invisible...) and heads to the shop to have a little \"party\". Sharon says \" hey there is a little party going on since Griff is out , lets go check it out?\" ... I KNOW how MANY times I lied to my parents about going to a party! (its actually one of the more common lies that kids tell and gives Kait a reason give a different destination to you when she left after dinner?? and also explains why Sharon was a \"NEW\" friend, all my new friends were kids I\'ve went to or met at a party???) .... They go down to the party, and either of 2 things happen :

Asked on Tuesday, January 06, 2009 at 11:13:30 AM
Reply: Matt Griffin definitely was incarcerated at the time Kait was shot. No one could have sneaked him out of jail to go to a party.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
what if?
Question: what happened if your daughter never went to her friends house and went somewhere else. Maybe her friend was behind it to. what if she never broke up with her boyfriend and instead was out to go see him. maybe he got the wrong idea and thought she actually broke up with him and the he shot her. you should always expect the unexpected.

Asked on Monday, January 05, 2009 at 02:49:21 PM
Reply: Sharon's next door neighbor has confirmed that Kait was at Sharon's house. He was out in his yard, and Sharon introduced them as Kait left. Also the directions to Sharon's house were found in Kait's car. She definitely was at Sharon's for part of that evening. The question is, when did she get there, and where did she go during the three hours from the time she left our house, at about 6:15 and the time Sharon told police she arrived at Sharon's house?

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Question: I am a friend of Donnie's and my daugther is one of your biggest fans. I'm not sure if you ever found out who the vip Kait saw that night but wondered if it could of possibly been Manny Aragon. I lived one street over from him and played with his kids as a child. As I recall Manny was a real force to be reckoned with (to put it nicely). Also I heard his daughter was envolved in some illegal activities. I read your book and I've been deeply touched, I pray for closure for you and your family. B

Asked on Monday, January 05, 2009 at 12:40:10 PM
Reply: Thank you for your prayers. We don't know the identity of the VIP, or even for certain that he existed. The description of him came from psychics. The fact that four well known psychics in different areas of the country all mentioned the VIP and gave identical descriptions of him is fascinating, but nothing about this can be proven.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Peace Roch Hart
Question: OK, I am fine now. Sorry. Maybe ego gets in the way as I know I did my best, and a lot of good in ABQ. I believe you miss understood my comment about Griffen. I was referring to the "other" murder, not Klunk. He shot that guy twice in the chest and one in the head. And to answer that other person about reading your book, perhaps I should. But one question has haunted me. Did you say no exit wounds, and yet no rounds were recovered? I guess in theory maybe one in a million might hit the skull spin around and exit out the same entrance wound, but not two!

Asked on Monday, January 05, 2009 at 06:59:55 AM
Reply: 02/27/90 Grand Jury Testimony

Testimony of Gary E. Dale OMI - Forensic Pathologist.

Autopsy done on 07/18/89 - but he first saw Kait when he was called to the hospital to examine her prior to organ donation.

She sustained two gunshot wounds of the head. One entered the left temple in this area here (pointing) which passed into the left side of her head and into her skull and penetrated the brain. I recovered a larger and smaller fragment of the bullet from the right side of the brain. Another gunshot wound above the left cheek below the temple which passed through the back of the mouth and nasal ____and through the hard palate. I recovered five very small bullet fragments along the wound tract and the larger part of the fragment. THE LARGER PORTION OF THE BULLET WAS NOT RECOVERED. IT WASN'T PRESENT IN THE BODY.

Around both entrances were a lot of satellite impacts. This bullet had passed through a side window of a car door. And when a bullet passes through and it's at close target like that it will start to break up.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Roch Hart
Question: Question: I just reviewed all the postings by Roch Hart (formerly Detective Hart) and the answers by Kait’s Mom and want to make some observations and pose additional questions. Mr. Hart states: “Also, if she was shot at very close range there would have been powder burns or powder residue. Was there any?” Kait’s Mom replys: “Since the shots were fired through the glass of the driver's side window, there was no powder residue and it was impossible to determine how close the shooter was.” I suspect that she was referring to the autopsy report (no power burns) and not to tests on window glass. Actually, a substantial portion of the driver-side window remained intact and could (should) have been examined for gunpowder residue. Absence of residue would have supported the “drive by” theory while presence would have required a different theory. Was this incompetent investigation or was it deliberate omission? Also, I find it very interesting that “Detective” Hart immediately concludes that such a tight bullet-hole pattern would be very unlikely if the situation involved two moving vehicles while APD officially clings to that scenario without any documented evidence to support it.

Asked on Sunday, January 04, 2009 at 12:42:30 PM
Reply: Thank you for that clarification. You’re correct, I was referring to the autopsy report and the testimony of the forensic pathologist at the grand jury hearing. He said there would have been no powder residue on Kait’s face, no matter how close the shooter was, because it would have been blocked by the window glass. There is no information in Kait’s case file to indicate that any tests were done on the glass that remained in the window.

Our P.I. later met with Dr. McFeeley, Office of Medical Investigator, UNM School of Medicine, with questions regarding the autopsy. For instance, would Kait have been in a condition to turn off the ignition? (No, she would have lost consciousness immediately.) Was it possible she could have fallen forward and pressed on the accelerator, causing the car to travel over 700 feet? (No, it appeared that she'd fallen immediately sideways.) If she was shot while sitting behind the steering wheel, why was there no blood spatter on the dash board, steering wheel or window glass? (Since OMI was not called to the scene, Dr. McFeeley hadn't realized there wasn't any blood spatter.) Since she was shot on the left side of the head, why was all the blood on the right side of her clothing? (Since OMI did not see Kait's clothing, Dr. McFeeley hadn't been aware of the blood pattern.) Dr. McFeeley found our investigator’s questions valid and said OMI would be willing to conduct a reinvestigation of Kait's death, assisted by scene photos, scene reports and other physical evidence to which OMI had not previously been given access. She said OMI would work with our family and/or the U.S. Attorney's Office, with the assistance/approval of APD. APD would not give their assistance/approvel.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Roch Hart
Question: If you really believe Kait Arquette's murder case was only mishandled by APD and that Lois is making the assumption that cops were either directly involved or corrupt in their investigation may I suggest you try to prove yourself right and help the Arquettes and their PI with their investigation.

Also, most of the more detailed questions and comments posted here come from people who have read "Who Killed My Daughter" and combed through this site and these commments quite thoroughly. I realize this is a judgmental request, but could you finish doing that before you contribute further? It's not that I don't want you to post. To the contrary, your posts are interesting, but it was obvious you didn't finish researching the family's side of the story before you started picking it apart - probably because you felt you'd been maligned.

Asked on Sunday, January 04, 2009 at 11:39:01 AM
Question: Ms. Arquette you stated,
\\\"Since you’ mentioned your personal involvement in the investigation of the shooting of Peter Klunck by APD officer Matt Griffin, I’ll use that case as an example.\\\" I never stated that. Not sure where you got that. I was only directly involved in the case with Lehocky and Patterson.
As a journalist you should know that public record is commonly used by journalist. In fact public record is \\\"often\\\" the first source and then they go to a spokes person. In this case, nothing was withheld from the public. It should still be there for you to set the record straight. If not, you have my testimony right here. But since you can\\\'t prove my testimony from a blog I challenge you to check it out. Or even call Patterson\\\'s attorney Sam Bregman and ask him. If because of attorney privileges they might not be able to assist you, they might give you the case number to ease your \\\"investigation\\\".

I have to admit that as reported by you, this case was deeply mishandled. I also admit that the bullets were way to close for a drive by and do appear to be execution style. I have not looked at the report myself and therefore am going only on what you have conveyed.

Asked on Sunday, January 04, 2009 at 07:12:09 AM
Reply: I took your statement, "Griffen did just that when he killed that guy. In fact I remember stating to other officers that the placements of the rounds were just like we trained," to mean that you were involved in the investigation of the Klunck case and viewed the entry wounds.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Mr. Hart
Question: I only recently decided to communicate only recently since my name mentioned by Ms. Arquette in this blog. She stated I started a policy for enticing \\\"snitches\\\" from the Alibi. A policy is debated, it was only a one time idea, and information from the street is very valuable. I thought, why not. She conveyed that I was forced to leave the department for this \\\"policy\\\" which is a lie. She stated the sources for me leaving including a person from APD. This information she decided to broadcast on this blog is a lie. I retired. That is why I came forward. I do not like my name being dragged through the mud.
Concerning corruptions. I do believe there are corrupt officers through out APD, Bernalillo, and the State Police. As long as humans are in control of government, there will be corruption. They obviously kept their distance from me as I hate this and would have turned them in a heart beat.

Asked on Sunday, January 04, 2009 at 07:11:27 AM
Reply: Once again, you're misquoting me. I did NOT imply that you were forced to leave the department for instigating the advertising for snitch policy, for which you were congratulated by your superior, Capt. Ruben Davalos, who, (if you accept the quote from the Albq. Journal as valid) considered it "an innovative idea." I didn't dredge your name out of nowhere nor did I raise the subject of snitch acquistions on my own. I responded to a question that somebody posted on this message board. I found your name in a long article about your activities in the Albuquerque Journal.

Please reread my original post: "We've been told he LATER got in trouble and was forced to leave the department, but don't know that for certain." As I already said, that information came from two sources, one of those a member of APD who provided more details than you would want posted here. It's certainly possible that both sources were lying. If so, I apologize for your embarrassment and suggest that you start looking at your former collegues with a question in your mind about why one of them would wish to slander you.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Mr. Hart
Question: Mr. Hart, I have been reading this board for quite some time. And I am wondering why now, after this has been up for years, why you are choosing to commuicate now? This also rasies another question, how many other people are reading this that do have information reguarding Miss Arquette's murder?
As far as APD being seems that that may be true....It's in the papers and on the news quite a bit. And it's not just APD, the whole state system is corrupted...If you need examples, here are a few, the APD evidence room scandal, the recent arrest and conviction of Manny Aragon, Judge Brennen...the list is on going, and it is unfortunate for the people of this state.
Im not saying that you know anything or had anything to do with this particualr case, however there are people who do, and maybe even people that you may know. This is a pretty small town when it comes to things like this, and eventually people begin to talk. The Arquettes have been waiting for justice for way to long...and as a mother, I cannot begin to understand what Mr. and Mrs. Arquette have gone through. This case was handled very badly, APD missed so many oppertunities to fix their mistakes, it's to bad they chose not to do so.

Asked on Saturday, January 03, 2009 at 10:11:42 PM
Withheld From Media
Question: I respect your position given the sloppy treatment of this case, and yes I would get suspicious as well. But your bias is apparent. Please note that the media reports only what they think is important and will make them money. There are two sides of the story, and believe me they are not withheld from the media as they are public records. The media gets their stories from the records and they choose not to report the outcome. I would challenge you to check into the public records and not just report what the media reports. That would be much more accurate then paint the WHOLE department as corrupt. I am passionate about justice and would love to see your daughters killer(s) be brought to justice, even if that ment people with "good" reputations were brought down. My prayers with you. And yes, I do disagree this was a random drive by. By the rounds, proximity and grouping I would tend to say execution.

Asked on Saturday, January 03, 2009 at 06:29:17 AM
Reply: I beg to differ. As a former teacher at the UNM journalism department, I know a reporter’s first source of information about crimes is almost always a spokesperson from the investigating agency. That spokesperson says whatever the agency has decided the public should believe.

Since you’ve mentioned your personal involvement in the investigation of the shooting of Peter Klunck by APD officer Matt Griffin, I’ll use that case as an example.

Albuquerque Journal, 1/28/89: “(Police Chief Sam) Baca said Klunck was shot three times, twice in the chest. Baca said any of the shots could have been fatal … All three shots came from in front of Klunck.” However the autopsy report, which reporters did not have access to at that time, stated that Klunck was shot three times in the back. That information wasn’t made public until later.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
see if it is the family
Question: ok search for a Sheriff A. L. ("Happy") Apodaca. he may have been related to paul and mike apodaca.
if they are do you think that there is some type of corruption with apodaca's and law enforcement? and the mobs ?
i dont know happy's genealogy very well but enough to know that it is very possible for them to be related.

Asked on Friday, January 02, 2009 at 10:36:05 PM
Reply: "Apodaca" is a very common name in New Mexico. We have found no connection between Paul Apodaca and the Sheriff.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Lehocky 4-25-00
Question: You left out many facts of this case. The girl AND her boyfriend were hiding in the bath tub. I made the decision to enter the apartment as several people had just exited. One of them I thought was the suspect wanted in vehicular homicide. They had also just dumped waste product in a dumpster from a step in manufacturing meth. Due to these conditions and that it was an apartment building we were left with no alternative but to act in case their disposal of chemicals created a fire. Once in-side the dog found them hiding in the tub. Her boyfriend then shoved her at the dog. He then dumped several ounces of red phosphorus in the toilet causing a severe chemical reaction that nearly killed the dog. Yes, the dog bit her only because she was shoved at the dog and the dog had nowhere to go. (Very tight quarters.) She attempted to sue the department but lost the case due to ALL the details. Assuming you know them. The chemical reaction could have severely hurt a human. While I know things are not right, I do wonder how many more of these cases you intentionally did not mention ALL the facts and their outcomes. (Turns out the boyfriend was the one wanted on vehicular homicide and yes they were manufacturing. Both were convicted and sentenced.) Roch

Asked on Friday, January 02, 2009 at 07:10:45 PM
Reply: The information about Kait's case comes from police reports, transcripts of depositions, personal interviews by outside investigators, crime scene photos, etc.

Information about cases other than Kait's, such as the one you refer to above, comes from statements APD provided to reporters. There undoubtedly is additional information that APD withheld from the media, but we have no access to that.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Sorry Just Read What I asked
Question: Sorry, I just went through the crime scene stuff as conveyed by you. I will admit a VERY bad crime scene investigation. I can agree that the grouping of the shots are very tight, too tight, for a drive by or random. Also, it is curious about the angle, but to say it was a cop for sure I'm not sure. We did train for three round bursts, but not multiple to the head. Usually two to the chest and one to the head. Griffen did just that when he killed that guy. In fact I remember stating to other officers that the placements of the rounds were just like we trained. I could almost tell you with some certainty that the farthest left round was the first, the second to the right of that and the last in the door frame. I will agree that this probably did not occur from vehicle to vehicle but from close range, like you state. Wow. When was the last time you contacted cold case unit. I think Rich Lewis is in there now. Have you talked to him?

Asked on Friday, January 02, 2009 at 06:41:32 PM
Reply: Once Don Roberts was transferred out of the Cold Case Unit, they lost all interest in Kait's case.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Number of Shots
Question: I read the night of shooting and you advised that Kait was shot twice in the head? Was she in the driver's seat when found? Do they know what lane she was in prior to or at the time of the shooting? I know this question must be upsetting. But how close were the wounds in her head. Were they within inches? What side was the entrance wounds and was there any exit wounds? What was the final police account? A random shooting? Also, if she was shot at very close range there would have been powder burns or powder residue. Was there any? Sorry for all the questions. And yes this is Roch. What got my attention is you said shot twice in the head. Very difficult to do from a moving vehicle, one to the other and therefore you peaked my interest. As you can tell I don't know the facts of this case, but you have got me interested. I did recognize the suspects name. If I'm not wrong, wasn't he arrested or wanted on a murder not related, or apparently, not related to your daughter? Sorry for all the questions. And since you know who this is you don't have to answer. Not trying to upset you. Just really curious now.

Asked on Friday, January 02, 2009 at 06:21:38 PM
Reply: Kait was found sprawled across both front seats with her head against the passenger's door. Police say she was shot in the eastbound lane at Lomas and John St. and from there her car traveled over 700 feet, crossed the median and the westbound lane, and came to rest against a pole. There was damage to the left end of the rear bumper of her car. It was found with the automatic transmission in park. Police state they determined the location of the shooting by a large pile of glass in the street. However, that glass was not photographed or gathered up as evidence, so there is no proof that it existed. The wounds in her head were on the left side and within inches. There were no exit wounds and no bullets were found in her body. Since the shots were fired through the glass of the driver's side window, there was no powder residue and it was impossible to determine how close the shooter was. If by "the suspect," you're referring to Paul Apodaca, he was never considered a suspect and was allowed to leave the scene without being questioned. Yes, he was arrested about a year later for shooting a hooker from his VW bug. Don't know the results of that arrest. Do know that he was later arrested for raping his 14-yr-old half sister and sentenced to prison. He has since been released.

Answered by: Kait's Mom
Simply Googled the name Roch Hart
Question: Actually just googled the name and came up with this. Did not even know this blog exsisted. But have seen others just like it. Keep fishing.

Asked on Friday, January 02, 2009 at 04:36:53 PM

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