Important message board posts about the Natalie Wagner case with response’s from Natalie’s mother, Melinda Wagner:




Fri Dec 6 10:41:38 PST 2002: There isn't a story on this web site that isn't a horror story, but having just read the Natalie Wagner case, I've got to say that police officer Michael Quigley, aka Michael Patrick Austin, makes my blood run cold. Whether he blew his girlfriend's head off or not, (the evidence appears to indicate he did), to pry her teeth out of his bedroom wall and carry them in his mouth during the funeral is the sickest thing I ever heard of. And he's still in uniform! Imagine calling 911 in an emergency and having somebody like Officer Quigley turn up on your doorstep!


Response: Quigley actually had Natalie's teeth in his mouth for weeks after the funeral until his mother took them away when he was sleeping at her house. He, then, asked us for some of her cremains. The term for this is "trophate."  Quigley/Austin also kept some of her jewelry, clothes and, we think, her driver's license. What disturbs me about this in particular, other than the obvious, is that he told her friends he had the teeth and his police officer buddies knew too - still, none of the officers involved in the initial cover-up or any of the rest of them has come forward to date. He is now living with someone with two children. We're not sure about marriage or if these are his children, but I truly worry about their safety.