Reading by psychic Nancy Myer, Greensburg, PA, 6/14,2000.  Nancy works by using psychometry, and gets much of her information from the psychic impressions she receives from photos taken at a crime scene.


I have carefully examined the photos of the crime scene that you sent me.  Although they might appear to represent a suicide, there are some key things wrong with that, from my point of view.


People rarely commit suicide with an audience.  It does happen, but it’s unusual.


John lost consciousness after the second arm wound was inflicted.  He could not have inflicted the cut in his throat from that unconscious state.


There was too much blood loss from the wounds inflicted on his arms for him to maintain consciousness.


You add to that the fact that my psychic senses tell me there were three men there holding him and causing these wounds, and you have a homicide.  Not a suicide.


From the actions of these, men I would say that they are semi-pros in the killing business.  The best would have done a better job of making it realistic.  These guys inflicted too much bodily harm, pointing right to the fact that it isn’t suicide.


They used padded restraints on his arms and shoulders to keep him still enough to kill.


He recognized two of the assailants, and was not afraid of their approach in the beginning.  By the time he realized what they were going to do, he was restrained and unable to defend himself.


They moved quickly and smoothly.  They’ve worked together before.  That is part of why I say they are semi-pros.  I also sense that they were paid to do this.


While John is trying to break free from the restraints, the tallest assailant tells him who ordered the hit.  John’s reaction is to realize that he has been set up all the way down the line.  It stuns him momentarily, and he stops struggling.   The first arm wound is then inflicted.


Mrs. Sherman, several things concern me about this death.  You must not try to work this case yourself.  These men would not hesitate to kill again to protect themselves.


I am able to get visuals on the three men and some additional information on the scene and the assailants.  I would prefer to give that information directly to your investigators to reduce the danger to yourself and to your family.


Please let me know what you would like me to do.



Information from psychics (even the most gifted ones) is seldom totally accurate, as it is based upon impressions received by extra sensory perception and is subject to various interpretations.