Reading (by automatic writing) by psychic Betty Muench, Albuquerque, NM, 9/4/02:


Johnny’s death came about because he did not know how far he was getting into a certain situation and his attitude did not satisfy others involved at the scene – something said in jest and taken out of context and overreaction.


There is this that would seem to suggest that Johnny is listening to loud music and sitting relaxed.  Johnny looks up and sees someone standing there with headlights on behind him.  It is not who Johnny expected.  The call for this meeting was made for other reasons, and there were tears involved, and Johnny did not want someone to be in tears if he could help them.  This was the ruse.


Johnny will have recognized the form of someone very big with a squared face on the driver’s side of his vehicle.  The vehicle behind this person has a loud engine like a big truck.  This large person evidently moves very quickly and was out of the truck almost before it actually stopped.  This person is agile and in very good physical shape.  Johnny opens the door and seems to sort of roll out of his car.  Before he can stand up fully he is pushed back down, but not before Johnny is able to land a blow on the right shoulder of the person who is overpowering him.  There is not the possibility of a prolonged fight, as there will be this which will seem to hit Johnny, and as he will recoil, then it is as if someone on the passenger side of the car will be doing something.  There will have been two people involved in this murder, and it is a murder.  Johnny had no thoughts of suicide on his mind and therefore would not just suddenly proceed to kill himself.  This was the work of a team, with a well thought out plan.  It was an ambush, and the authorities know this and indeed will be protecting someone or something that they do not want jeopardized.


This was done so that the perpetrator could look good in the eyes of someone he was trying to impress in order to make a step up in some organization.  In that, then, this would be called a “hit.”


There is a feeling of a female who is feeling much terror at this time, as this one will have borne witness to this crime.  She was not with Johnny, but had a vantage point that allowed her to see what happened.   She is very much afraid and does not want to jeopardize her family or herself.  This is, however, coming down on her at this time, and she will in some way ultimately make known what she will have witnessed.  This is a hardworking individual who is beginning to make her life work, and now she has this secret, which is eating away at her.



Information from psychics (even the most gifted ones) is seldom totally accurate, as it is based upon impressions received by extra sensory perception and is subject to various interpretations.