May 22, 2000


We, the undersigned, Gregg Finkel and Connie Finkel, were interviewed by Sergeant Jim Lilly on May 6, 1999 regarding the death of our friend, John L. Petrazzuoli, Jr.

This interview was conducted at our residence. Also present were Judy Finkel, Gregg Finkelís mother, and Kimberly Finkel, Gregg Finkelís sister. During the interview another friend, Bill Naval arrived. All the participantís, including Judy Finkel, Kimberly Finkel and Bill Noval, were told by Sergeant Jim Lilly that it was standard procedure to tape record the interview and he did, in fact, tape record the entire interview, with everyone present including Bill Noval. While doing so, Sergeant Lilly also took handwritten Notes of our statements.

Connie L Finkel

Gregg Finkel