Albuquerque Tribune:


She moved to Albuquerque after her divorce about 25 years ago, eager to travel and get a fresh start… Her first stop was UNM, where she took mainly liberal arts classes.  Moldov-Taylor worked as a typesetter to pay for school, and her success at the trade soon eclipsed any motivation to earn a degree.


"She was so talented that my graphic design business surely would have failed without her help," said Paul Wilson, a friend of Moldov-Taylor's for more than 20 years.  She also enjoyed collecting cookbooks, shopping, reading and opera. Moldov-Taylor knitted hats for the homeless and tutored adults who couldn't read.  As her health began to fail, Moldov-Taylor turned to movies for laughter and relief.


"She could always pull a quote from a movie to fit any situation," Gallegos said. "She always knew the perfect thing to say."