Feb. 14, 2002

Statement from Kimberly Swailes, Karaoke Lady


At the end of the evening when I had to stop legally, he called me every name in the book.  The one with the long curly hair (Bernie Dillman) and his friend (Dan Nordmark), they started calling me names ….  They called me “You fucking cunt.  You fucking whore.  We’ll beat your ass.” 


Q:  And Shawn?


Shawn was playing pool.  Shawn was not involved ….


(Later, when I was loading my equipment) They came up and started screaming at me again … They were surrounding my car, yelling at me …  And Shawn came out and asked them, “Why are you yelling at her?  She didn’t do anything.” … The way they looked at him and their demeanor that night… They’re so mean.  Every time they are there something happens.


Q:  Being mean and looking at somebody is one thing.  But it’s a pretty damn big leap then to say they killed somebody too.


Yes, but somebody is dead …  The way they looked at him was just, was just – I wish I could describe it.  It was pure evil.  I was scared.  I was scared for myself … I definitely thought they were going to do something to him (Shawn).  That was the feeling I was left with ….


Q:  What was Shawn’s demeanor that evening in the bar?  You said he was playing pool.


He was very sweet.  Very laid back.