By SA John M. Halliday

Based on Nov. 07, 2001 interview with Daniel John Nordmark


…..  At one point in time Bernie (Dillman) held the gun and it discharged into the air.  Dan described that the gun was fired in a southwest direction toward the sky.  Dan does recall at one point in time he had the gun back in his possession but somehow Shawn ended up with it at the end.  The change of possession is rather unclear to him at this time.



Did you actually see Bernie fire the gun?




When the gun was fired, what direction was the gun fired?


They were standing in front of the British Pub facing toward the farm store.




And they were both like standing, and Dan had to reach and Bernie had to fire.  He was facing forward and shot it toward the mobile home park.


Up in the air?  Or could you tell?


No.  It was more of a –


Just straight across?


Un-huh…… We decided we’dbetter get out of there.  We were like somebody is going to get killed.  Those guys were idiots.