Kevin McGinley


On February 13th 1998, Kevin McGinley was murdered at the junction of Highway 275 and Armenia Avenue in Tampa, Florida. He was viciously and brutally attacked for fifteen minutes before being pushed to his death beneath the wheels of an oncoming tractor-trailer unit. The people responsible all fled the scene, including the boy who had claimed to be his friend, Michael Lipp.

When Michael Lipp was taken back to the scene, he lied to police saying that there had been a brief fight on a grass area at the side of the on-ramp, away from the highway. He stated that Kevin was untouched and on his way back to the car. That he stopped with his back to the acceleration lane, took one step backwards and was struck by a hit and run car, which spun him out into the path of the oncoming tractor-trailer.

He insists that nobody ever went into the highway and no-one was near Kevin when he stepped backwards. The police admit that Lipp's statement is totally inconsistent with the evidence at the scene, yet they never challenged him about this fact.

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