Reading (by automatic writing) by psychic Betty Muench, Albuquerque, NM, 4/14/94:


This case will be the catalyst for some other situation which is due to arise, and this will in a sense set some kind of precedence.  There will come out of this something that will be of great use to others and to the police as well, for there will be a shake up from all this. 


Peter will have denied someone access to certain information, but more than that, he will have denied the possession of something that this other person will have thought was his own.  There will be a seeming set-up and a chase, but this person still will not have this possession.  This one who shot Peter will be the one who will be connected to this possession, and there will come this which will upset the entire case and move it into another direction. 


Connections can be made between Peter and the one who shot him.  There will have been prior meetings. There will be this which will seem to connect them, and there will be  others involved as well, who will seem to be coming in the name of duty to look at things and to sniff things out.  There will be the use of dogs in one instance, and this will be to find something they think they possess.  They will seem to be the ones to own this and will do what they can to get this back. 


There will not be anyone released from this now.  It is cast.  There will be the seeking out of a certain packet, which will put Peter in connection with the killer and the others involved.  This was, indeed, a deliberate death, otherwise Peter would have talked, and this was known.  There is this packet that will hold information and substances. This is being looked for in a covert way by these others involved.  There will be in this, then, a kind of hide and seek, and yet there is something ready to be found. 


Renee (Peter’s mother) will be able to keep her eyes open and have her own watchdogs in certain situations to catch someone looking around and seeking in odd places.  She will not let anything slide by.  Renee will come into some information from another source, and this will tie the connections together and begin a shakedown in which the higher government will come into play.  In this, then, Renee will seek to know her highest work in this time, and there will come this which will permit this breakthrough into this other aspect of this case. 


There is much at stake for many people in this case, and the fact of it being kept alive to this point will prove useful to Peter’s spiritual evolvement.  Peter sees the Light, and he has much desire to move toward it, but he will abide until this will be seen as finished. He will force himself to hang back and resist the coming joy, and he will trust himself to his mother's care once more.



Information from psychics (even the most gifted ones) is seldom totally accurate, as it is based upon impressions received by extra sensory perception and is subject to various interpretations.