Sept. 1994:About one month after Susanís disappearance.In Jimís family room, William Ramsey, the lead detective investigating the case, is questioning Jim):


Ramsey:So, Susan is down at the bottom of the stairs, screaming at you, and you just go to bed and fall asleep?


Jim:Yes, thatís right.


Ramsey:And when do you wake up again?


Jim:About eight.


Ramsey:Not four a.m.?




Ramsey:A C&P lineman heard a car door slam on your property about then, heard a car start and drive off down Timonium road, away from I-83.


Jim:How did they hear that?


Ramsey:the lineman was up on a utility pole.


Jim:Must have been someone turning around in my driveway.People turn around there all the time.