TOWSON TIMES, July 2, 1996


When it came time for sentencing (on charges of battery, of disturbing the peace and hindering public passage and of causing a disturbance in connection with the use of an alcoholic beverage), Allen (Jim Harrison’s attorney) dismissed March 31 as “an aberration” in what he called “a distinguished career.”  He cited Harrison’s former position as a top executive of McCromick and his service on many volunteer boards.  “Society owes him something,” Allen said.


He said Harrison’s recent life, with the disappearance of his wife and the suicide of one of his sons in 1995, has been “a nightmare.”


As for Harrison’s previous record, Allen told the judge, Harrison was charged with driving while impaired after attending a party given by Allen’s own law firm in June, 1995 in Ocean City.  Harrison is appealing the conviction.


(Prosecutor) Picket tried to introduce Harrison’s prior contacts with the law, involving his estranged wife and their altercations.  But (Judge) Helinski refused to consider them.


However, even Picket did not recommend incarceration for Harrison, “because of his age and background,” the prosecutor said.