TOWSON TIMES, July 2, 1996


Harrison came before Judge George Helinski June 25 on charges of battery, of disturbing the peace and hindering public pass and of causing a disturbance in connection with the use of an alcoholic beverage – all related to an incident on March 31, 1995.


Officer Richard Spaulding of the Garrison precinct testified he detected the strong odor of alcohol when Harrison stumbled in front of his patrol car at 9:30 that night and later stumbled into the northbound lane of Reisterstown road, causing vehicles to swerve to avoid him.


After Harrison said he wished to drive home, Spaulding said he tried to dissuade him from driving (later testimony revealed Harrison’s car was parked at the time at the Green Spring Valley Hunt Club) and offered to take him back to the station house to get a cab.  At the Garrison station, he swore at Spaulding, refused to take a cab and pushed him out of the way, according to Spaulding, who at that point arrested him for assault.


Harrison screamed and yelled and, after he was handcuffed, sang an obscene phrase at least 45 times, said Spaulding.  “The rest of the prisoners and other officers started to count.”


Harrison’s lawyer, Steven Allen, contended at the trial that Harrison was arrested simply because “the officer came upon somebody who was not compliant.”



THE SUN, August 14, 1997




James J. Harrison Jr., whose wife’s slaying remains a mystery, was arrested Tuesday and charged with punching an airport police officer after US Airways had refused to let him board a plane for Florida.  (According to court documents, the reason for the refusal was that he appeared to be drunk).


Harrison was charged with disorderly conduct, second degree assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.  He was released on his own recognizance shortly before midnight yesterday.


As he was being released, Harrison scrawled, “I am completely innocent!” above his signature on court documents…..


It was the third time in two years that Harrison had been arrested on charges of assaulting police officers while drunk.