Taped trance reading by psychic Robert Petro, Sedona, AZ, 6/20/94:


I see more than one car.  The girl’s car is stopped.  Her boyfriend is having a very serious dispute with a trio of other young men.  They seem to be arguing over this girl, and they reprimand him. They're afraid that he has revealed information to her. One man walks within range of this young girl and shoots her.  I don't feel that a car pulled along side, I feel that everybody was stationary and then right after the shooting they left.  I feel that the gun was thrown out the window.


I feel that evidence will surface that this group of boys belonged to an Asian Mafia. This is a close clan, and they will do anything to eliminate exposure.  I feel that new evidence will surface, because one of the men will be apprehended and will try to make a deal. I feel that the boyfriend is basically a good person but was hooked up to the wrong people.  I feel that his life is now in danger. He will be constantly inconsistent with his information.


Right in the heart of Albuquerque there is some sort of garage or warehouse where they are doing alterations on automobiles.  I feel that it also includes local people, meaning Mexicans.  I feel that they have altered documentation and paper work, that it all appears to be forgeries. I feel that we are dealing with a lot of different players, who are very dangerous, but the brains are the Asians.


The obstruction of the Albuquerque Police Department in the investigation of this murder only involves a couple of people.  It does not involve the department in general. I feel by the time the investigation got into the hands of the case investigators it was already diluted and all the evidence wasn't given to them.  Those who collected the evidence are the ones who hid the evidence.  I feel that the Albuquerque Police Department are standing and fighting, and they are right to do that, because the evidence was tampered with before it got to the Police Department.


The Hispanic males who were arrested were used as scapegoats.  I somehow see them connected, but then I don't see them connected.  But, do they know something?  The answer is absolutely yes.


I feel that someday a person is going to come forward, who is just riddled with guilt.  He/she can't live with this anymore.  That’s when you will get your answers.



Information from psychics (even the most gifted ones) is seldom totally accurate, as it is based upon impressions received by extra sensory perception and is subject to various interpretations.