Important message board posts about the Kaitlyn Arquette case, with responses from Kaitís mother, Lois Duncan Arquette:




Sun Aug 11 04:02:19 PDT 2002:Two key figures that have not been questioned are two Albuquerque police officers. One is Officer Wallace (female), the first officer dispatched to the scene. The other is Officer Marentas, a Field Investigator at the time of the murder. Wallace was one that used to hang out in the area and was never questioned. Marentas subsequently became President of the police union and put pressure to blanket the officers.





Wed Jul 31 19:38:34 PDT 2002: I am currently a private investigator in Athens, Georgia. I am a former homicide detective from New Orleans. At first I was a non-believer (in your case), but I've now visited the Real Crimes web site, and the Albuquerque PD has a problem. I don't think it's department wide though. I think it's a case of rogue cops and homicide detectives not knowing their a$$ from a bullet hole.


Judging from the picture of the bullet hole in Kait's car, (and this is just a picture and not a detailed one), I would have to say that she was run off the road and the killer exited the vehicle and fired the shots into the car while standing behind her. This is based on the height of the bullet hole and the apparent angle of strike.


Now here is the kicker -- The killer was a police officer. This is based again on the angle of strike and placement of the bullet hole. For the bullet to strike at this angle position the killer would have been standing behind Kait just in the exact place a police officer would be trained to stand when effecting a traffic stop and holding a gun as only a police officer would have been trained to do so. The killer was a police officer, you can take that FACT to the bank. I'll bet anybody my life on it.


Response:There is evidence to support that startling theory:


(1) There was unexplained rear-end damage to Kait's car, as if the car was hit from behind. Police shrugged it off as "old damage," but that car was registered in our name, and know for a fact that the damage was not there when Kait left our home that evening.


(2) We've been contacted by a witness from out-of-state, who was in Albuquerque for a wedding on the date of Kait's death. She says that she and other members of the wedding party were returning to their motel after a late dinner, and drove past the scene right after the shooting, (apparently before APD Det. Ronald Merriman "stumbled upon the scene"). That witness reports seeing a uniformed police officer with a marked car standing next to the open driver's door of Kait's car. (She commented on seeing Kait's "bloody blond hair.") The group continued on, under the assumption that this was a traffic accident and there was no need to stop because a police officer was already there. It wasn't until the next day, when the story hit the TV news, that this witness realized that she had seen a murder.


The officer this woman saw could not have been Det. Merriman, as Merriman was off-duty, in plain clothes, driving an unmarked car. Merriman also contends that he never went to the driver's side. There is nothing in Kait's case file to indicate the existence of this uniformed officer, who was apparently at the scene before anyone else.


This witness appears to be credible.Our P.I. has confirmed that the witness was, indeed, in Albuquerque for a wedding on the date of Kait's death and was staying in a motel only blocks from the crime scene.